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Saint Brendan of Clonfert

Saint Brendan of Clonfert or Bréanainn of Clonfert (c. 484 – c. 577) (Irish: Naomh Breandán; Icelandic: Brandanus) called “the Navigator”, “the Voyager”, or “the Bold” is one of the early Irish monastic saints. He is chiefly renowned for his legendary quest to the “Isle of the Blessed,” also called Saint Brendan’s Island. The Voyage of Saint Brendan could be called an immram (Irish navigational story). He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland.[2]
Saint Brendan’s feast day is celebrated on 16 May by Catholics, Anglicans, and Eastern Orthodox Christians.[3]


Where some find the greatest riches, Medjugorje?

What is the transcendental whirl?

If you believe

Melanie Amaro

Must be karma for me to see this! We live in twittering times where facebook takes the place for real faces. We are in such an over saturation cosmodrama. We can monitor others conversations which affect our own egos and suddenly our voices at times even against our own permission take on a life of their own. All the while all of the intimacy and courage of beauty is lost. I for one must confess I have not followed these extremely wise words enough. In atonement or “at- ONE- ment, i have edited the Crow article of my usual preface of anecdotes.  The heart so often needs no words? Do we live in an even more cerebral era? Thank’s to Sloppy Buddhist!  Have a Buddhaful Day!

Praying to the Queen of angels

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My life has been going simply spectacular until suddenly?  But  I have a very unruly dog. However, he was tonight my little knight in shining armor. I chewed some leftover nicorette gum and I felt terrifically out of sorts. My heart was racing and my stomach felt as if I were at sea on the very wrong boat entirely.  Spinning and spinning as if I were about to walk the plank aboard a ship of scallywags!  My little hero leapt to my side and as if it were magic my heart slowly went from wonky and being utterly awry. Then like a prize fighters cut doc, he knew just what to do and began to tickle my chin and lick my ears and finally I was laughing from joy and it was joy which resussitated my spring torn heart.  Although tonight he was a hero?  I am praying to the Queen of Angels that a sliding scale puppy trainer I once met named Nathan help me with the ship of foolishness a puppy can find himself quite delinquent!

My Lucca Queen of thee Camellias

Italy / Tuscany / Sant’Andrea di Compito

Just like mine!

Il mio te Blog

Vi presento la mia piccola Camellia Sinensis, acquistata a Sant’Andrea di Compito, in occasione della manifestazione Antiche Camelie della Lucchesia, direttamente dal coltivatore e produttore di té Guido Cattolica:

 Vi terrò aggiornati sul suo sviluppo e la sua crescita. Per ora, pubblicherò presto un post al riguardo, ho provveduto a travasarla, per sistemarla in un vaso un po’ più grande di quello in cui mi è stata venduta, facendo attenzione a scegliere una terra sufficientemente acida e ovviamente a non rovinare le radici.

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Bird surgery

Paulina Otylie Surys.

Amazing Lady. 

When I lived in Jerusalem, my friend Yoram sent me to the middle of no-where to get fresh Goat Yogurt. I was on a bus with chickens flying, goats, soup to nuts! Somehow no one even spoke Hebrew on this bus and my 5 gallon yogurt slipped out of my greased with olive oil palms. I am surprised I did not milk the goat myself , this is how homespinning it all was. I would not milk a goat. Oh no, your not gonna make me! Said with my true Amy Winehouse swagger. But, I did at 18 ride a turquoise bus w: broken windows have the giant plastic jar roll down to the driver and back up again and back down visa versa before I caught it, nearly killing a few chickens. Come to think about it? It may have affected the cheese later! Goat butter? Yikes! I cannot remember the small town I went to visit to forage? None the less, when I returned back to Jerusalem we began this brief but with brevity process of making deeelicious cheese just like this but sorry, it was even better of course from the Chicken voodoo dancing. I wish I could have some now!

Humblecottage Blog

“The ultimate aim of civility and good manners is to please: to please one’s guest or to please one’s host. To this end one uses the rules laid down by tradition: of welcome, generosity, affability, cheerfulness and consideration for others. People entertain warmly and joyously. To persuade a friend to stay for lunch is a triumph and a precious honour. To entertain many together is to honor them all mutually. It is equally an honour to be a guest.”
Claudia Roden, food writer.
‘A Book of Middle Eastern Food’ (1968)

The scene from the Middle East Feast. - Guy Albertelli

The sense of having to please ones host or please one’s guest may seem a little old fashioned in today’s ballsy society , but i like starting off from that point of view. We are social creatures and  sharing food gives us a comfortable space to share our woes,  tales from the week and a chance to spend time sitting around…

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