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L-Theanine Reviews: How Does L-Theanine Work?

How cool is a mountain of serenity?

How cool is a mountain of serenity?


y neuropeptide boosters. Willy Wonka and the tea factory . .

y neuropeptide boosters.
Willy Wonka and the tea factory . .


For those interested in reducing anxious feelings and improving the quality of their sleep, L-Theanine is a natural supplement worth looking into. L-Theanine Reviews say that this supplement boosts alpha brain waves which lead to a feeling of relaxed and alert calmness and clarity. This compound is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found in green tea and is a form of L-Glutamic acid. In this review of L-Theanine, we will look at how this nootropic compound works, what its specific benefits are, the right way to use it and the possible risk of side effects.


L-Theanine Introduction


The chemical structure of L-Theanine is very similar to that of Tryptophan, another important nutrient for the body. It is considered to be a precursor to the neurotransmitter Serotonin and indeed many of the benefits of L-Theanine are known effects of higher levels of Serotonin. Some of these benefits include a greater ability to relax and remain calm as well as promoting a sense of well-being. The presence of L-Theanine in green tea is one of the main reasons why people can drink this caffeinated beverage without displaying typical stimulant side effects like jitters and nervousness L-Theanine also has a positive effect on being able to fall asleep and is commonly used as a sleep or lucid dreaming aid.

via L-Theanine Reviews: How Does L-Theanine Work?.


The Tea Caddy | The Garden Larder


AS my sister says?  From gloom to bloom!  I am even more impressed with the fantasy of having grown wild violets.  Their propensity to heal a person soul aches.  Well, a shrinking violet should know a lot about it!  I find this so sunny. Dew drops which did not melt upon the Sun , Chamomile

The Tea Caddy | The Garden Larder.

God is a flower


Over Hill ore’ dale, get over it with red clover.

“Have you ever taken a nip of nectar from the tiny florets of this familiar meadowland plant? The bees certainly do. Clover honey is one of the most common types of honey available, and bees visit red clover throughout the summer and fall.”


 003I was searching for the ubiquitous magical glass teapot and came across a lovely Japanese teapot with pink blossoms dreaming. I had hoped it was cherry Sakura blossoms, but it was red clover.

Bulbous butterflies of clover in sason jars.

A kite inside of a jam jar


 Suddenly, I remembered having a special moment sipping these blossoms, I perchance upon in Chinatown.  I felt strangely pink*  That is calm and sweet.  Just now upon reading about the wondrous health benefits of this simple globular orb?  I am quite impressed.  You can read about it by clicking on the above link.  It’s chemical properties have a hormonal effect of “softening”  Get me some of this quick!


Suddenly, I just remembered reading about Japanese wives whom had difficulties with their lives and visited special temples called “En Kiri”  Wise women would prescribe herbs, like shiitake mushrooms or arrowroot for tempering ones aggression.


Ancient  Asian botanists were so genius. 


They use God’s creations to address complex emotional issues with petals, perfume, calyx, hence our personal language of DNA.  We are prone to moods based on deficiencies.  The chicken or the egg ?

We have become so reliant upon man-made infrastructures instead of all the gifts we are given that even a sparrow knows.  Sadly, I hope God is not lonely at the banquet he prepared for us. I rest assured that she/he is smiling with all the angels saying “Come to me”  for all your cares and worries.

I feel assured looking at this magical orb, knowing I could never create such a pattern from water, air, earth and fire. How does he do it?  Therefore, I say “God is a flower”  I rest upon his mantle.

Bright Blessings.



Christ has given us the most striking example of the love of our enemies, for on the Cross He prayed for His enemies, and in the Garden of Olives He healed the servant whose ear Peter had cut off. Our heavenly Father Himself sets us an example, for He makes His sun to rise upon the good and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust. He who loves his enemy therefore is like to God; he is a true child of his Father in Heaven (Matt. v. 45).

Another reason why we ought to love our enemy is because he also is made after God\’s image, and is an instrument in His hand.

Our enemy is made after God\’s likeness. The king\’s effigy stamped upon the coin, is equally deserving of respect whether the coin be of copper or gold; so we are bound to love and honor the image of God, whether the man who bears it be vicious or virtuous. It is not the sin we love, but the sinner. Man is God\’s work, sin is man\’s work; \”therefore,\” says St. Augustine, \”love what God has made, not what man has done.\” We ought also to love our enemy because God uses him as His instrument. Evil men, unwittingly to themselves, are instruments in God\’s hands. As the physician employs the leech to draw the bad blood from the veins of the sick man, and effect his cure, so God employs our enemies to remove our imperfections (St. Gregory the Great). The evil shapes the good, as file and hammer shape iron: they are to them as the plough to the fallow ground (St. John Chrysostom). They are, moreover, of service to us, by acquainting us with our faults and giving us an opportunity of practicing virtue. Enemies are like bees; they sting, but they produce honey. [Ibid.] When calumny assails you, console yourself with the thought that it is not the worst fruits that the wasps devour. Finally remember that no enemy can really injure one who loves God; for God makes all hostile designs work good to His Own people (Rom. viii. 28). This is exemplified in Joseph\’s life. The truth will teach you to bear up against persecution.


2. The love of our enemy is shown in this: That we do not revenge ourselves on him, that we return good for evil, that we pray for him and forgive him willingly.

We ought not to revenge ourselves on our enemy. David gives us a beautiful example, for he twice had the opportunity of putting his persecutor King Saul, to death, and on neither occasion did he do him any harm. Our Lord, when He was reviled, did not revile again (1 Pet. ii. 23). Once when Christ was not received in a Samaritan village because He was a Jew, the Apostles were so desirous of revenge that they wanted to call down fire from Heaven. But Our Lord rebuked them, saying: \”You know not of what spirit you are\” (Luke ix. 55). Vengeance belongs to God, not to us (Rom. xii. 19). We ought to suffer wrong rather than take revenge; we are told, to him that striketh thee on the one cheek offer the other (Luke vi. 29). Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by good (Rom. xii. 21). Avenge yourself, as the Saints did, by returning benefits for the evil done you; such vengeance is Divine. St. Stephen prayed for his murderers; he was more grieved for the harm they did to themselves than for the injury they did to him. When the Apostle James, Bishop of Jerusalem, was thrown from the pinnacle of the Temple, he raised himself on his fractured knees to pray for his murderers. We should also be ready to forgive our enemies. King David forgave Semei, when he threw stones at him and cursed him (2 Kings xvi. 10). To do good to one\’s enemy is a proof of great magnanimity.

3. He who does not revenge himself on his enemy, or who even confers benefits upon him, puts his foe to shame and pacifies him, and will be rewarded by God; whereas he who hates his enemy and revenges himself on him commits a sin.


I am not so good and I believe we should be compensated for being heaped with malignant abuses.  However, I cannot control this matter and I try in my stumbling manner to be honorable.


Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co.

Everyone knows I am so in love with flowers and especially edible ones.  France is such a treasure of candied flower treats!  I want to create something special and I am listening in my heart for the flavors, colors and soul of Saint Marie De Monfort’s birth place to inspire me.

Today I am exploring the scents, music, flowers and soul of the region where Saint Louis Marie De Monfort  was born.  Everyone knows I am so in love with flowers and especially edible ones.  France is such a treasure of candied flower treats!

I want to create something special and I am listening in my heart for the flavors, colors and soul of Saint Louis  Marie De Monfort’s birth place to inspire me.  I first think of strawberries, vanilla and a magical golden effortless syrup of music.

There is a wonderful golden tea from Darjeeling.  I was only able to purchase 1 kilo.  It was rare and so delightful.  These precious teas, do not need the addition of flowers really, because they were fed flowers from the inception of their  first seedlings by the Gods and the Snow Leopards at night.  The mountains of the Himalaya’s are utterly fecund with a delicate fiery grace within the air itself.  The soil has a rich yet delicate spice.  The magnolias and magical plants are in fact the base for Mary Magdalene’s famous ointment.

   Alas?  Now…. I have an idea?  perhaps’ I will try to acquire some of this precious tea and make a special batch of candy and desserts strawberries and flowers in Saint Marie de Montfort.   I pray for his bright blessings upon us and especially for someone special, that he hear our prayers.

This is a magical site, I do so adore.  It is filled with the love, merriment, vigor and expertise of a wise group of magicians.

Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co..

Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co..



ireland | Farmette recipes, click if you fare


homemade clotted cream recipe click!

dulse butter

homemade Seville orange marmalady

seville orange curd for a orange meringue pie?

ireland | Farmette.

What’s the 5 Points and Essex Street Market got to do with Love?

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The scrapbook is pretty large, about 15 x 17. Each linen page is pasted back and front with scraps of printed woodcuts and engravings hand-colored with watercolor paint.
The whole thing is dirty, creased and coming apart— but its fabulous.

In terms of American History?  You would not have to go too far in New York to find a T REX or some semblance of ancient architectural tid bits in our own Gotham city.  There is no place in the whole of the U.S.A that fascinates me more than the Lower East Side of New York and most especially the area  called 5 Points where immigrants landed circa 1840’s and of course earlier.   A sullied  and insipid version, which was attempted to be covered in the film, Gangs of New York by Martin Scorcese.

  Scorcese’s version of our very own local anthropology focused solely on the personal lives of the rival gangs, but covered very little of the cultural magic of the very area where he was born.

Scorcese lived briefly, I stress very briefly right here in Little Italy on Elizabeth Street adjacent and above Mary and Moe Albanese, the local butchers.  Mary lived to the grand old age of 100 and her son, Moe still serves the community in terms of local restaurants.   Elizabeth being aka the Sicilian street then.

I was deeply disapointed and the only culinary anthropology which exists in his film, is the bloody steak of Bill the Butcher. Bill is  a fictional character undoubted influenced by Mary and Moe! Alas, I am positive Mary and Moe made a better dinner.

  Bill’s cooking technique is to barely take his tough as nails cut of beef on a pointy tines and let the fire barely breath over it like a stifled whisper.  He would pan fry some for less than a second over his diabolical fires and then with  his blackened teeth (and not Cajun!)  : Chew it up blood thirsty like a swamp beast. It’s impossible not to have mixed feelings about this powerful portrayal.  Lewis invites us to a terrific and amazing character he plays, as Bill the American Butcher! 

His strange accent so lush and angular with squawks and little admonishments of staccato trills and his favorite word “Festoon”. He has  invented a brutal hormonal TRex  cocktail of testesterone  and mad cow diseased mad man! Of course later he has played an award winning version of Lincoln.  How ironic and apropos.  Alas, American history is  a wee bit more than senseless violence and blabbering hordes of primal ooze.

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The fictional book , Gangs of New York, the novel written by Asbury spoke of the area just South of Canal street called The Five Points. I have waltzed the streets in search of magic.  A few documentaries have covered the myriad of tunnels beneath the ground which allowed a few lucky insiders a private world of travel.

Fortunately there are remnants of each eventually thriving culture, be it Dutch, English, Irish, Chinese and Italian have left an indelible mark recording

American history.

I was hoping that Scorcese would delve a bit more into their intricate cultural tapestries as Coppola manages to do in the Godfather series.  But?  You just have to walk to Ludlow street and this historic district to learn about the later periods when the rich Jewish and Italian cultures made their entry.  I love the Farmers Market and the area once known as the 5 Points.  I love to envision what these early settlers ate and drank?  Wore and bought?   What books if any did they read?  Where did they live and how?  The Tenement museum gives terrific tours and you never know what will be dug up?  An old accordion from an organ grinder to antique shot glasses or even ?Exploring these areas for me is much more interesting then Mystic CT and it’s hard biscuits the sailors ate or their enchanting  figurines and scrimshaw carvings.  I love every inch of the Lower East Side.

The reinvigorating of the Farmers Market is no doubt a luxurious and expensive version of what simple fare the poor peasants may have endured?  Alas, you can find a lush dichotomy of old and new. 

Before Farmers’ Markets Were Cool: Essex Street Market19 Thursday Jan 2012Posted by ny history walks in Lower East Side, Manhattan

≈ 1 CommentTagsculture, Essex Street Market, Fiorello LaGuardia, food, history, immigration, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, tenements, travel, WPACourtesy of the New York Public Library.In 19th century New York City, it was not uncommon for the poor and working-class to buy baked goods, produce, and even meat, downstairs in the open air from sidewalk peddlers in front of their tenement buildings. By 1930, 47,000 families made their living as pushcart peddlers, most of them heavily concentrated in the Lower East Side.Courtesy of nyc-architecture.comThe legal and economic battles between today’s food trucks and their competing storefronts emulate the yesteryear rivalries between pushcarts and merchants. Merchants complained about the garbage and unsanitary conditions of pushcarts; they also felt threatened by vendors aggressively “pulling in” customers and offering the opportunity to haggle over prices. City officials claimed the pushcarts prevented police and fire vehicles from passing through.By the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia made it a mission to eradicate “pushcart evil”, calling it “a blemish on the face of the city” that must be removed. He envisioned a brighter, cleaner Lower East Side that erased any vestiges left from its ethnic immigrant past. Under LaGuardia’s leadership, new laws forbade any goods from being sold on the street.Fiorello LaGuardia, 1940. Courtesy of Library of Congress.Financed by federal WPA funds, Essex Street Market was opened in 1940, eventually growing to 475 vendors spread out over four buildings. 70% of its vendors were Jewish, the remainder was predominantly Italian. Peddlers who were forced off the streets and could not afford indoor spaces became unemployed.Essex Street Market, 1940. Courtesy of Shopsins.WPA Photo of Essex Street Market and 122 Delancey Street. Courtesy of New York City Municipal Archives.The Essex Street Market along Delancey Street today.Jeffrey’s Meat Market, the last original business from Essex Street Market, closed in 2011 due to financial difficulties. Kidneys, neck bones,and lungs were among the most-requested cuts by customers when Jeffrey’s great-grandfather and grandfather operated business in the Market. In the business’ latter years, Ruhalter began to offer venison and wild boar as the demographics of his customers changed.

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White Wolf Journeys

The Andara crystal is a very special gift from God that holds the energy of unconditional love from the divine feminine. A stone that is very rare comes from Native American Indian land. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. I knew there was something magical about this stone the first time I experienced it. I was given the message to have it cut into the sacred geometric shape of the earth. This is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The first time I worked with the Andara also known as Lemurian glass, was in Glastonbury, England in 2003. I had been guided to be there for the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th and had gathered a group of 33 souls to be with me for this amazing energetic shift. On this night the six pointed Star of David was formed in the heavens signaling a time of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male being unified and the return of the Goddess energy to the earth. During a meditation I began to pass the Andara crystal from person to person, asking each one to hold the crystal over their heart center to receive the healing energies.

via White Wolf Journeys.

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