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Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia | The Public Domain Review

Somehow it makes sense that Donovan, the musical muse whose song “Mellow Yellow” and the scents his music seems to evoke me in me?  Like lavender and the use of his music for Yardley soap go together. The ideas of the spiritual realm of ectoplasm and Madame Blavatsky’s wish to embrace to a degree Indian mysticism.  It starts to all make sense that the Beatles were the first to explore publicly the delicious juxtaposition of sitars, chanting and their auric fields in music.

But, I had no idea that synesthesia went back this far.  The illness of synesthesia seems to be a wonderful one, albeit no doubt quite overwhelming!  The ability to smell thoughts or see the colors of scents.  An illness os excessive sensory perception.  I often wondered if I have this disease!  But, no one has said just yet that Mar’s seems to be made of  of chile and mole chocolate lava as a planet!

What then does jupiter taste like if the moon is made of blue gorgonzola cheese?  I guess it tastes sweet. Just my guess. Like violet British “Chowards” candy. Be careful if you bite into the planet Saturn, for it might bite you back indeed!   

Thought-Forms, a strange, beguiling, frequently pretentious, utterly original book first published in 1901, emerged from this ferment of late-Victorian mysticism. It was written by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, erstwhile members of the London Theosophical Society alongside Yeats, and it features a stunning sequence of images that illustrate the book’s central argument: emotions, sounds, ideas and events manifest as visual auras.

The book’s grand ambitions are evident from the first page. “To paint in earth’s dull colours the forms clothed in the living light of other worlds,” Besant laments, “is a hard and thankless task.” She insists that the images in the book “are not imaginary forms, prepared as some dreamer thinks that they ought to appear.” Rather, “they are representations of forms actually observed as thrown off by ordinary men and women.” And she hopes that they will make the reader “realise the nature and power of his thoughts, acting as a stimulus to the noble, a curb on the base.” This grandiloquence was typical: fin de siècle occult leaders produced some of the most baroque writing in literary history, the purplest of purple prose.

Yet what are we saying, exactly, when we call black words on a white page “purple”?

These sorts of underlying associations between words, colors and sounds were precisely what motivated Thought-Forms. In other words, the book was about synesthesia. The illustration of the music of Mendelssohn reproduced above, for instance, depicts yellow, red, blue and green lines rising out of a church. This, Leadbeater and Besant explain, “signifies the movement of one of the parts of the melody, the four moving approximately together denoting the treble, alto, tenor and bass respectively.” Moreover, “the scalloped edging surrounding the whole is the result of various flourishes and arpeggios, and the floating crescents in the centre represent isolated or staccato chords.” Color and sound had become commingled.

“The music of Gounod” – Source.

Yet Leadbeater and Besant intended not only to visualize sound, but to demonstrate their distinctive psychic gifts: the ability to detect spiritual “vibrations” of ideas, emotions and sounds as visual forms. This, in other words, was a sort of spiritual synesthesia, as much a religious act as a neurological one.

via Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia | The Public Domain Review.


Honey From A Dark Hive


The Queen of Serene

cake on my head

Mourning future lies.

There was nothing in my mind?

Silence has no wings

Honey From A Dark Hive.

Home alone? Who babysits the inner child?

It’s common to imagine that those whom suffer from inner demons or a wounded soul are decrepit and  to be marginalized. I myself do not  suffer from agoraphobia.  However, I have watched as I have witnessed the wholesale slaughter of another’s reputation and vulnerabilities. What happens if you are suffering from this paralyzing disease and you have a court appearance?  Today, I should be in court to defend our home. I am staying home to care for some one I love whom suffers from this disease.

Is there truly home care for those in a lower income status?  Is there a policy in place which will care not for what is known as eccentric when you are wealthy. What happens when you have done nothing to hurt anyone and a case is made against you and you cannot defend yourself in court.

Can anyone imagine the abuses that could be heaped upon a great soul whom simply cannot mobilize to get to court.  Should the court system have a new system with electronic video which can protect these people from their reputations being debased.?  Yes, there should.

A person whom has lost their ability to face the world with a naked eye is deeply and ever in increasing danger. What if we take it upon ourselves to create a contest and say, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down if you don’t leave.  What if you demand this person go to a nursing home because of their illness?  Don’t they have a right to be cared for in their home with full protections of law enforcement.

I was surprised and pleased to see that just like Elvis?  You never know if the greatest artist and sensitive creative and accomplished minds suffer from “Darwin’s illness”  If you click on the link at the end of the post, you will read their paralyzing attempts to get a grip on this illness.  Does this illness predispose them automatically to not having total lucidity about experiences if not more so honestly in reality?  A sensitivity and can make you more aware of subtle changes than someone without. It’s horrifying to assume that because you are unable to face the world with the naked eye that you are delusional. It’s singularly unattractive to the human qualities of justice to take advantage in any shape or form.  It’s the big “lie” the great illusion to perpetuate the gross neglect to pamper this illusion that you are incapacitated in terms of your perception. Those whom suffer from these painful issues are in fact like the most sensitive instruments.


It’s easy to discriminate and create a demoralizing  picture of what is a mental health issue.

What if you tormented a person with hard to find evidence such as micro-particles pumped into the air or ambient gas? How could this person prove it or have it investigated if they could not leave the house? What if you had access to their electrical or their water source?  The city only tests cold water! Then you would have to just not tamper with their water for the moment that the water was being tested.  Gas lighting a tormented soul whose contributions to the community is a heinous crime.

My goal is to create awareness that those whom suffer from the crippling disease of agoraphobia should not be discriminated. Judged or in any way discriminated against.

My prayers go out to congress to enact safe protections for these sensitive souls and that medical in home treatment is available.

Beach Boys

M. Calkin' suffers from Home Alone-ness


Donny Osmond (1957-) Donald Clark “Donny” Osmond is an American singer, musician, actor, dancer, radio personality, and former teen idol. Osmond has also been a talk and game show host, record producer and author

One-time teenage heart-throb Donny Osmond has also experienced agoraphobia. Although his problem was more to do with social anxiety, he has also gone through depression.

His older brother Merrill also battled depression, as did sister Marie Osmond. Anxiety disorder issues can run in families, the Osmonds being a very good example.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors

Darwin’s own description of his condition included the following ‘I am forced to live, . . . very quietly and am able to see scarcely anybody and cannot even talk long with my nearest relations’ (quoted in Bowlby, 1990, p. 240

Miranda Hart (1972-) Miranda Katharine Hart Dyke, known professionally as Miranda Hart, is a British actress, comedian, and writer.

She says of her agoraphobia ‘ It was just after university so I went back to live with my parents. I was very anxious when I was outside. It sounds weird so I’m wary of talking about it, because it’s so hard to explain. I think I was just very anxious post-university. I thought the world was a bit scary, and that’s where it went’

“practically blacklisted” in Hollywood. She says “It’s like I’m constantly on trial. I’m a quivering mess

because I feel that people are judging whether I’m good enough, blonde enough, tall enough. Under those circumstances I fell I’m not anything enough. So I’m a disaster.” She adds, “I don’t even know what I’m afraid of. I lose my sense of self. I get fragmented and spacey and can’t focus. But lately I’ve forced myself, so now I’m getting better. Now I can face people, at least in small numbers.”

H.L. Gold – Science-Fiction Writer/Editor (1914-1996) Severe Agoraphobia

Gold’s agoraphobia meant that he had to edit the magazine from his apartment, and he carried out much of his work during this period over the telephone. For more than two decades, he was apparently unable to leave his home. He eventually retired due to ill health related to his condition in 1961 and lived mostly in isolation, occasionally publishing stories during the early 1980s.


We are not alone – Agoraphobics Moving Forward Support Group.

When life makes you depressed? Remember to dream your way out, in a narrow escape!


Although, I am as fragile as glass? As delicate in my dreams as a simple whisper. I imagine?  I remember, I recall…  A few of my favorite things.

When I was around 11? I have glints and murmurs, gleanings or shimmering  memories.

When I volunteered to work in a thrift shop on Vermont avenue in Los Angeles.  Carrot juice at 8 in a glistening curvy  deco platinum counter with ice cubes made of  madagascar vanilla ice cream. These are a few of my favorite things.

 The strange man whom I worked with, whom brushed his hair with ivory Victorian hair brushes, with smooth bone milky ivory handles. His hair platinum bleached white. A David Bowie kind of goblin. My boss had no arms?  Every day she hiked up her toes and opened the door with keys with her feet. She wrote letters with her wood scented lead pencil. In the back near the velvet smoky gowns.

Pink mischievous  pale orange pink deco slips, There…high on shelves, these wonderful depression era glasses. Mostly green mixed amongst some aurora borealis Northern lights hues on a caramel glaze.  There was cobalt cosmic blue glassware too, albeit rare. My job was just fussing over everything and listening to T-Rex with my platinum goblin in his David Bowie hairstyling’s.

I guess Los Angeles is not a very old city after all. There is stucco in pale pastel colors like old wedding cake all dusty as the length of this suburban sprawl encapsulates you. The entire city reminds you of living inside of pastries with the smell of jalapeños and tamales. My life was so simple. Deciphering my mothers mysterious beguines. She told me once that she was Mona Lisa’s poodle and she did not have to smile.

She said I am going to catch all the family photographs on fire in the freezer. I asked why? She said because you are going to finally pay attention as life leaps before you as the dragonflies wings burn like stained glass of sacredness. Don’t you want to remember where you came from?  You never remember the important things?  So, I watched her as the ice melted and fire burned. Century of warm expressions glazing with kodak banana smelling developer. My Mother was right! I never forgot what I would not remember otherwise inside of amere book. She said pay attention. This is our story and you have one chance to jump thru these rings of fire like a trapeze star.

My mother was so mysterious to me. She would read me the biography of Charlie Parker with her tiny legs on an African stool, which barely reached the floor. Lissen up she said, because music will pass you by and you must remember the scent of jazz. Each night before I went to sleep, she read to me about the stirrings if jangling bells, xylophones and flutes. Do you remember the scent of the soprano in June?  Looking back, my mother was like a zen master. She was a pioneer. She worked so hard at the bank so my father could practice drums and horns. My mother told me freedom is everything. We were all alone and she would sew and sew and practice her fencing with swords. She made all of my school costumes and cheerleading dresses. I have come to realize, that we had o money and we never knew how we would survive. She made certain that I knew that I was very much loved. 

  But, now?  I really would love to design some organza with these lovely delicate patterns. I’m sure there is a way to design textiles which are embossed and so smooth.  I can become my memories and my future by remembering  precious things which are my heart. I can become a lace glass teacup filled with my favorite tea. No matter what life throws at me?  I shall always remember John Coltrane’s musings on “A few of my favorite things”

Depression Era Glass Pattern Guide Glassware Georgian Floral items in Vintage Elegant Depression Glass store on eBay!.

What’s the 5 Points and Essex Street Market got to do with Love?

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The scrapbook is pretty large, about 15 x 17. Each linen page is pasted back and front with scraps of printed woodcuts and engravings hand-colored with watercolor paint.
The whole thing is dirty, creased and coming apart— but its fabulous.

In terms of American History?  You would not have to go too far in New York to find a T REX or some semblance of ancient architectural tid bits in our own Gotham city.  There is no place in the whole of the U.S.A that fascinates me more than the Lower East Side of New York and most especially the area  called 5 Points where immigrants landed circa 1840’s and of course earlier.   A sullied  and insipid version, which was attempted to be covered in the film, Gangs of New York by Martin Scorcese.

  Scorcese’s version of our very own local anthropology focused solely on the personal lives of the rival gangs, but covered very little of the cultural magic of the very area where he was born.

Scorcese lived briefly, I stress very briefly right here in Little Italy on Elizabeth Street adjacent and above Mary and Moe Albanese, the local butchers.  Mary lived to the grand old age of 100 and her son, Moe still serves the community in terms of local restaurants.   Elizabeth being aka the Sicilian street then.

I was deeply disapointed and the only culinary anthropology which exists in his film, is the bloody steak of Bill the Butcher. Bill is  a fictional character undoubted influenced by Mary and Moe! Alas, I am positive Mary and Moe made a better dinner.

  Bill’s cooking technique is to barely take his tough as nails cut of beef on a pointy tines and let the fire barely breath over it like a stifled whisper.  He would pan fry some for less than a second over his diabolical fires and then with  his blackened teeth (and not Cajun!)  : Chew it up blood thirsty like a swamp beast. It’s impossible not to have mixed feelings about this powerful portrayal.  Lewis invites us to a terrific and amazing character he plays, as Bill the American Butcher! 

His strange accent so lush and angular with squawks and little admonishments of staccato trills and his favorite word “Festoon”. He has  invented a brutal hormonal TRex  cocktail of testesterone  and mad cow diseased mad man! Of course later he has played an award winning version of Lincoln.  How ironic and apropos.  Alas, American history is  a wee bit more than senseless violence and blabbering hordes of primal ooze.

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The fictional book , Gangs of New York, the novel written by Asbury spoke of the area just South of Canal street called The Five Points. I have waltzed the streets in search of magic.  A few documentaries have covered the myriad of tunnels beneath the ground which allowed a few lucky insiders a private world of travel.

Fortunately there are remnants of each eventually thriving culture, be it Dutch, English, Irish, Chinese and Italian have left an indelible mark recording

American history.

I was hoping that Scorcese would delve a bit more into their intricate cultural tapestries as Coppola manages to do in the Godfather series.  But?  You just have to walk to Ludlow street and this historic district to learn about the later periods when the rich Jewish and Italian cultures made their entry.  I love the Farmers Market and the area once known as the 5 Points.  I love to envision what these early settlers ate and drank?  Wore and bought?   What books if any did they read?  Where did they live and how?  The Tenement museum gives terrific tours and you never know what will be dug up?  An old accordion from an organ grinder to antique shot glasses or even ?Exploring these areas for me is much more interesting then Mystic CT and it’s hard biscuits the sailors ate or their enchanting  figurines and scrimshaw carvings.  I love every inch of the Lower East Side.

The reinvigorating of the Farmers Market is no doubt a luxurious and expensive version of what simple fare the poor peasants may have endured?  Alas, you can find a lush dichotomy of old and new. 

Before Farmers’ Markets Were Cool: Essex Street Market19 Thursday Jan 2012Posted by ny history walks in Lower East Side, Manhattan

≈ 1 CommentTagsculture, Essex Street Market, Fiorello LaGuardia, food, history, immigration, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City, tenements, travel, WPACourtesy of the New York Public Library.In 19th century New York City, it was not uncommon for the poor and working-class to buy baked goods, produce, and even meat, downstairs in the open air from sidewalk peddlers in front of their tenement buildings. By 1930, 47,000 families made their living as pushcart peddlers, most of them heavily concentrated in the Lower East Side.Courtesy of nyc-architecture.comThe legal and economic battles between today’s food trucks and their competing storefronts emulate the yesteryear rivalries between pushcarts and merchants. Merchants complained about the garbage and unsanitary conditions of pushcarts; they also felt threatened by vendors aggressively “pulling in” customers and offering the opportunity to haggle over prices. City officials claimed the pushcarts prevented police and fire vehicles from passing through.By the 1930s, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia made it a mission to eradicate “pushcart evil”, calling it “a blemish on the face of the city” that must be removed. He envisioned a brighter, cleaner Lower East Side that erased any vestiges left from its ethnic immigrant past. Under LaGuardia’s leadership, new laws forbade any goods from being sold on the street.Fiorello LaGuardia, 1940. Courtesy of Library of Congress.Financed by federal WPA funds, Essex Street Market was opened in 1940, eventually growing to 475 vendors spread out over four buildings. 70% of its vendors were Jewish, the remainder was predominantly Italian. Peddlers who were forced off the streets and could not afford indoor spaces became unemployed.Essex Street Market, 1940. Courtesy of Shopsins.WPA Photo of Essex Street Market and 122 Delancey Street. Courtesy of New York City Municipal Archives.The Essex Street Market along Delancey Street today.Jeffrey’s Meat Market, the last original business from Essex Street Market, closed in 2011 due to financial difficulties. Kidneys, neck bones,and lungs were among the most-requested cuts by customers when Jeffrey’s great-grandfather and grandfather operated business in the Market. In the business’ latter years, Ruhalter began to offer venison and wild boar as the demographics of his customers changed.

via Before Farmers’ Markets Were Cool: Essex Street Market.

Cécile Bortoletti


Cécile Bortoletti.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Trailer – YouTube

Honestly?  When I woke up this morning after seeing this last night quite late?  I usually say my prayers.  I could not get this show out of my head. Now, it’s  12 hours later and I have sated my addiction. You gotta love Nadia, but what kinda Italian name is Nadia?  She’s just great. She is the Sicilian Punk rock Lucille Ball. Her recipes looks hardcore delish. They are in fact quite sophisticated for those whom might imagine they are bangers and mash. Although, I have never seen wasabi mayo and Belgian fries either. It’s almost her own comic book?  It’s fantastic and I love spice guy.  There is no point in trying to take the love of food away from an Italian,nor assume that because it is not your usual wholesome house frau  conventional food network star?  That she is not going to whip up something crazy amazing. I love the addition of fleur de sel on her mock-choc mousse. Great. She is funny. She is sassy and that’s classy. ?  Well?  Maybe not but we are tired of fake. I’m not sure what her accent is but she is adorable.

Going from Shelby high-brow to Nadia Low-brow?  I guess next is eye-liner.  This is all about cooking for your loved ones and this is the best religion there is* Love.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Trailer – YouTube.

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