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Home alone? Who babysits the inner child?

It’s common to imagine that those whom suffer from inner demons or a wounded soul are decrepit and  to be marginalized. I myself do not  suffer from agoraphobia.  However, I have watched as I have witnessed the wholesale slaughter of another’s reputation and vulnerabilities. What happens if you are suffering from this paralyzing disease and you have a court appearance?  Today, I should be in court to defend our home. I am staying home to care for some one I love whom suffers from this disease.

Is there truly home care for those in a lower income status?  Is there a policy in place which will care not for what is known as eccentric when you are wealthy. What happens when you have done nothing to hurt anyone and a case is made against you and you cannot defend yourself in court.

Can anyone imagine the abuses that could be heaped upon a great soul whom simply cannot mobilize to get to court.  Should the court system have a new system with electronic video which can protect these people from their reputations being debased.?  Yes, there should.

A person whom has lost their ability to face the world with a naked eye is deeply and ever in increasing danger. What if we take it upon ourselves to create a contest and say, I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down if you don’t leave.  What if you demand this person go to a nursing home because of their illness?  Don’t they have a right to be cared for in their home with full protections of law enforcement.

I was surprised and pleased to see that just like Elvis?  You never know if the greatest artist and sensitive creative and accomplished minds suffer from “Darwin’s illness”  If you click on the link at the end of the post, you will read their paralyzing attempts to get a grip on this illness.  Does this illness predispose them automatically to not having total lucidity about experiences if not more so honestly in reality?  A sensitivity and can make you more aware of subtle changes than someone without. It’s horrifying to assume that because you are unable to face the world with the naked eye that you are delusional. It’s singularly unattractive to the human qualities of justice to take advantage in any shape or form.  It’s the big “lie” the great illusion to perpetuate the gross neglect to pamper this illusion that you are incapacitated in terms of your perception. Those whom suffer from these painful issues are in fact like the most sensitive instruments.


It’s easy to discriminate and create a demoralizing  picture of what is a mental health issue.

What if you tormented a person with hard to find evidence such as micro-particles pumped into the air or ambient gas? How could this person prove it or have it investigated if they could not leave the house? What if you had access to their electrical or their water source?  The city only tests cold water! Then you would have to just not tamper with their water for the moment that the water was being tested.  Gas lighting a tormented soul whose contributions to the community is a heinous crime.

My goal is to create awareness that those whom suffer from the crippling disease of agoraphobia should not be discriminated. Judged or in any way discriminated against.

My prayers go out to congress to enact safe protections for these sensitive souls and that medical in home treatment is available.

Beach Boys

M. Calkin' suffers from Home Alone-ness


Donny Osmond (1957-) Donald Clark “Donny” Osmond is an American singer, musician, actor, dancer, radio personality, and former teen idol. Osmond has also been a talk and game show host, record producer and author

One-time teenage heart-throb Donny Osmond has also experienced agoraphobia. Although his problem was more to do with social anxiety, he has also gone through depression.

His older brother Merrill also battled depression, as did sister Marie Osmond. Anxiety disorder issues can run in families, the Osmonds being a very good example.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) Charles Robert Darwin, was an English naturalist. He established that all species of life have descended over time from common ancestors

Darwin’s own description of his condition included the following ‘I am forced to live, . . . very quietly and am able to see scarcely anybody and cannot even talk long with my nearest relations’ (quoted in Bowlby, 1990, p. 240

Miranda Hart (1972-) Miranda Katharine Hart Dyke, known professionally as Miranda Hart, is a British actress, comedian, and writer.

She says of her agoraphobia ‘ It was just after university so I went back to live with my parents. I was very anxious when I was outside. It sounds weird so I’m wary of talking about it, because it’s so hard to explain. I think I was just very anxious post-university. I thought the world was a bit scary, and that’s where it went’

“practically blacklisted” in Hollywood. She says “It’s like I’m constantly on trial. I’m a quivering mess

because I feel that people are judging whether I’m good enough, blonde enough, tall enough. Under those circumstances I fell I’m not anything enough. So I’m a disaster.” She adds, “I don’t even know what I’m afraid of. I lose my sense of self. I get fragmented and spacey and can’t focus. But lately I’ve forced myself, so now I’m getting better. Now I can face people, at least in small numbers.”

H.L. Gold – Science-Fiction Writer/Editor (1914-1996) Severe Agoraphobia

Gold’s agoraphobia meant that he had to edit the magazine from his apartment, and he carried out much of his work during this period over the telephone. For more than two decades, he was apparently unable to leave his home. He eventually retired due to ill health related to his condition in 1961 and lived mostly in isolation, occasionally publishing stories during the early 1980s.


We are not alone – Agoraphobics Moving Forward Support Group.


Apparitions at Fatima, Portugal


Sometimes real miracles are simply listening to our hearts and doing the right thing.

Apparitions at Fatima, Portugal.

No end, No beginning of purging and defilement.

A boy prepares to leap over a bonfire during a folk festival called Chiakokonoba in Tbilisi, Georgia, on April 20, 2011. In keeping with ancient superstition, people purge themselves of evil spirits by jumping over the fire on Wednesday night during Holy Week. Reuters/David Mdzinarishvili #

via Holy Week and Easter, 2011 – In Focus – The Atlantic.

NO .e . MORE


NO .e . MORE.

White Wolf Journeys

The Andara crystal is a very special gift from God that holds the energy of unconditional love from the divine feminine. A stone that is very rare comes from Native American Indian land. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. I knew there was something magical about this stone the first time I experienced it. I was given the message to have it cut into the sacred geometric shape of the earth. This is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The first time I worked with the Andara also known as Lemurian glass, was in Glastonbury, England in 2003. I had been guided to be there for the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th and had gathered a group of 33 souls to be with me for this amazing energetic shift. On this night the six pointed Star of David was formed in the heavens signaling a time of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male being unified and the return of the Goddess energy to the earth. During a meditation I began to pass the Andara crystal from person to person, asking each one to hold the crystal over their heart center to receive the healing energies.

via White Wolf Journeys.

David Mack is an inspiration

If having a dream is to restore others to wholeness by giving them a passport for total freedom for creative expression and defying frustrations?


I say knowing David Mack for some time?  His power ultimately is his passion and unison with the life force.  I have never like Houdini seen this man stay caught in a jam.  His comic books tackle impossibly painful life lessons from every possible walk of life in this universe to those which some may not know exist.  Difficult issues which require as they say a lot of tissues such as bi-racial, bi-sexual, divorce, big brother and big sister politics to rape.  He is a true renaissance human being.

Daredevil v21700FC

He has worked with everyone from Xena to Dexter.  His work on the Kabuki-Alchemy series and Daredevil comics to Children’s books. His life has been lived embracing change, embracing his fans as if they were his own flesh and blood. Meeting David is like meeting a child waiting for Santa Claus? He has that trust and innocence and continual naivety which makes you want to protect him?

images-1He hails from a military family,  he became a great warrior for the arts.  I have watched him become a critical success all over the world.  Soul Brother of the Year!  My Hero.


Since he is a black belt you say what?  But He is that Santa Claus he is wating for, so he is never disapointed and somehow always bounces back. We can measure a man by how often he gets back up, not how often he falls. He makes everyone feel like they are loved and a better human being for having met him. I don’t know what his secret is?  But he sure has got it going on! So very much, that Tarintino kinda stole his story line for Kill Bill from his body of work called Kabuki in it’s early stages, but a true creator doesnt cry over spilt milk. That being said?  I do enjoy Tarintino’s work in many other cases.

He runs circles around anyone whom steals his ideas because he just creates new and new and new like a phoenix.

1169790536  God Bless having big dreams today especially on Martin Luther King day and our Presidential inauguration which makes me feel so proud!  My special gift today. I often wrote to David Mack that I felt like my life is a comic book and it could not be more true nor more wonderful.

francesca galliani – asia

Once upon a time there was a Buddha….

francesca galliani – asia.


the depth of significance is unimaginable. La Petit Dragonette


Hildegard Von Bingen Liber divinorum operum – 2nd Vision

“And then a wonderfully looking wheel appeared right in the chest of the figure I mentioned above, and that I had viewed in the southern air. There were signs in it which made it similar to that one I saw 28 years ago, and which at that time had the shape of an egg, just as it has been described in the third Vision of the book “Scivias”. On its uppermost part, around the curvature of the egg, appeared a circle of bright fire and below the circle appeared another one made of black fire. The bright circle was twice as wide as that one consisting of black fire. And these two circles merged in a way as if they formed just one circle. Under the circle of black fire appeared another one made of pure ether, which was as wide as the two other ones together. Under this circle of ether there was another one visible which looked as if it was made of air full of moisture and which in its circumference had the same density as the bright circle of fire. Under this circle of air containing moisture there appeared another one made of strong white and clear air, which looked as hard as a sinew in the human body. It had the same density as the circle of black fire. These two circles also merged in a way that they seemed to be one. And under this strong white and clear air there finally appeared another thin layer of air which from time to time seemed to carry high and thin, but sometimes also dark and low clouds upwards and which seemed to extend about this whole circle. All these six circles were connected without any gaps. The light of the uppermost circle flowed through all the other spheres while the one with the moist air dampened all the other ones with its moisture.”At first sight this Vision seems to be very sophisticated. You have to imagine it that way that Hildegard sees several spheres of circles which are situated close to each other “All these circles were connected without any gaps”. The six circular spheres describe the 22°-halo and the space inside the 22°-halo. So there is only one type of halo described.Circle of bright air; white outer rim of the 22°-haloCircle of black fire: red inner rim of the 22°-haloCircle of pure ether: Outer part of the space surrounded by the 22°-haloCircle of moist air: Space inside the 22°-haloCircle of strong white and clear air: Bright area around the sunThin layer of air: carrier of clouds

via AKM e.V. – Liber divinorum operum – 2nd Vision.

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