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Jews and Magic in Medici Florence

Between 1615 and 1620, Benedetto Blanis (c.1580-c.1647), a Jewish scholar and businessman in the Florentine ghetto, sent 196 letters to Don Giovanni dei Medici (1567-1621), an influential member of the ruling family. Blanis served Don Giovanni as palace librarian—organizing and cataloging the library’s contents, acquiring books from various sources and sharing his patron’s most esoteric interests. Together they ventured into dangerous and often forbidden territory—astrology, alchemy and the Kabbalah.


Discovered nearly four centuries later by art historian Edward Goldberg during his research in the Medici Granducal Archive, Blanis’ letters provide a portrait of a man struggling to survive in a strange no-man’s land between the Jewish ghetto and the Medici court. The letters also reveal the bond between two figures who strove to explain the world through the language of magical power.


Edward Goldberg discusses his book Jews and Magic in Medici Florence: The Secret World of Benedetto Blanis, which was published by University of Toronto Press in 2011.

Edward Goldberg received a Ph.D. in modern history from Oxford University in 1979 and taught in the Department of Fine Arts at Harvard University from 1981 through 1987. He has published widely in the course of his 30 years of archival research in Florence. In 1995, Goldberg founded the Medici Archive Project to provide worldwide public access to the historical data in the Medici Granducal Archive through a fully searchable database at Established by Grand Duke Cosimo I in 1569, the archive of the Medici Grand Dukes offers the most complete record of any princely regime in Renaissance and Baroque Europe. The 3 million letters contained in more than 6,000 volumes richly document more than 200 years of human history (1537-1743

Jews and Magic in Medici Florence.



Goddess of the Swan. The Cygnus Mystery

znr57h0sdpxw4pgt3qtzy766o1_5003viii. Goddess of the SwanThe Irish Brigid or Bridget, Scottish Bride, or Manx Bree, or Breeshey derive from a common root, a female deity who almost certainly served as the tutelary goddess for the first Iron Age peoples to enter Britain in the first millennium BC. Her cult lingered through until Romano-British times, most obviously as the divine patron of the Brigantes, the powerful northern tribe famously led at the time of the Roman conquest by the warrior queen Cartamandua.

SWAN-CV-BOY2067With the arrival of Christianity Brigid became a saint, celebrated as Jesus’s nursemaid, and sometimes even as his mother under the name ‘Mary of the Gaels’. St Bride, or Bridget, bore an assortment of animal forms, but by far the most significant is that of the white swan.









In her role as patron of childbirth, Bride-Bridget was associated with the Milky Way, where the celestial swan flies, and her mark was the bird’s foot, anticipated by peoples of the Scottish Western Isles in their hearth on the morning of her feast day. This same symbol was associated by Welsh bards and druids with the goddess Minerva, the given to the Gallic form of Brigantia, or Brigid, by the Romans.







Yet what might any of this have to do with Avebury’s cult of the dead?A more direct association between swans and the northerly transmigration of the soul comes in the knowledge that in the Scottish Western Isles people saw whooper swans and also greylag geese migrating northwards to their breeding grounds in Iceland each spring as carrying the souls of the dead to heaven, which lay ‘north beyond the north wind’, an expression borrowed from classical mythology.



Should a person be alive when the birds depart, then they would be free from death for another year. Cygnus being essentially circumpolar in Scotland would always have been seen in the northern night sky.

tilda-swinton-tim-walker-las-pozas-300-330Is this how the stars of Cygnus became associated with the swan, and why the bird was linked with not only the cosmic axis, but also the journey of the soul into the afterlife – because it was seen to fly towards the celestial pole? If so, then this connection can only have begun when Deneb occupied the position of Pole Star in c. 15,000 BC. Swans in flight.Among the peoples of the Baltic the swan replaced the stork as the bringer of new-born babies,

tim-walker-swansshowing that it both brought life and took it away again. This process of giving and taking life is exemplified at Çatal Huyuk in Southern-central Turkey where Neolithic wall sculptures contain vulture’s skulls inserted horizontally so that the tips become the nipples of sculpted breasts, while murals nearby show human foetuses inside the bodies of vultures.The cult of Bride-Bridget exemplified these archaic beliefs, and these survived through until the nineteenth century in the Scottish Western Isles.

However, evidence of her worship in England has been scant until now. Yet archaeologists working in South-west England have recently unearthed macabre evidence of a pagan cult of the swan, possibly associated with the goddess Bride-Bridget, which survived through until the 1640s. It comes in the form of a series of earthen pits unearthed at Saveock, Cornwall, and found to contain carcasses of swans, as well as other votive offerings such as eggs, down feathers, crystals and stones.

Swan-2-717x1024It is important to recall that at this time England was under Puritan rule, with the punishment for any kind of sympathetic folk magic being very severe indeed.In Britain, the cult of the swan is likely to have come under the protection of Bride, whose feast day, 1st February, marked thenorthern departure of the migrating swans. Yet her worship proved to be only half the story, for a whole different cult of the swan once surrounded the return of the birds each November, a fact echoed in an archaic ceremony that continues each year on the River Thames.Links Events News Books Cygnus Meonia QuestCon Articles Email

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Holy Sepulcher

Christian pilgrims pray at Church of the Holy Sepulcher during the Good Friday procession on April 22, 2011, in Jerusalem, Israel. Uriel Sinai/Getty Images #

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White Wolf Journeys

The Andara crystal is a very special gift from God that holds the energy of unconditional love from the divine feminine. A stone that is very rare comes from Native American Indian land. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. I knew there was something magical about this stone the first time I experienced it. I was given the message to have it cut into the sacred geometric shape of the earth. This is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The first time I worked with the Andara also known as Lemurian glass, was in Glastonbury, England in 2003. I had been guided to be there for the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th and had gathered a group of 33 souls to be with me for this amazing energetic shift. On this night the six pointed Star of David was formed in the heavens signaling a time of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male being unified and the return of the Goddess energy to the earth. During a meditation I began to pass the Andara crystal from person to person, asking each one to hold the crystal over their heart center to receive the healing energies.

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Queen of the underdogs,The passion of Anne Kristen


This is a photograph taken by Celine Martin of her younger sister, St. Therese of Lisieux, dressed as Joan of Arc.  It is not often that you see a sister out of her habit! I was intrigued with the metaphor of art as a woman such as Jeanne d’Arc. Those whom take up the torch for the suffering are my heroes.  When I saw the photography of Lisa Kristen?  When I heard her plight I felt proud to be a witness of her soul stirring endeavor to document those whom are modern day slaves. Art is a powerful weapon. A dose of potent medicine. The Ken series I have recently been introduced to by the magical work of David Mack.

When I was a child I felt very proud to have a father whom took a stand against the horrors of tyranny and human decrepitude.  The debauchery and shadow of our most haunting past in America of owning slaves.  He educated us as children about the beloved Martin Luther King. We were not allowed to go to school on Martin Luther King’s birthday long before it was a national holiday.  He showed us documents and photographs pertaining to the enslavement of African youths because others assumed their superiority entitled them legally to brutalize other human beings freedoms.

How proud I am when I see the work of Anne Kristen. She is an amazing woman. I love her eye on the human experience. Enslavement of African’s by africans is no excuse to deter documentation. I am praying that in this day and age?   No one and no one assumes the right to usurp the future of anyone.  Her work is breathtaking. To endanger to precious life of our fellow brothers.

His mother from Ireland was unable to attempt to take on the subject of interracial marriage which in fact was illegal. My Father was 1/2 Irish, 1/8th  Comanche, 1/4 Italian and 1/8th French Creole. This beautiful love affair between his mother and father ended in a disturbing halt to avoid in fact arrest.  It was against the law to fall in love.

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Marina and the Diamonds

The yes worlds guarantee power for everything but true joy. That magical 3 pointer zone for me is when your jumping up and kissing the backboard with a slam dunk, scoring personal happiness. When we are where we deserve to be in that state of grace?  Suddenly saying yes to ourselves is the same as saying no to those whom would make us into yes i will be your chopped liver!  I love it when Alice says “Your just a pack of cards”  Today has been a wonderful day because I know.

francesca galliani – nudes Voyeurs


francesca galliani – nudes.

we label our imaginings from uninvited spaces.

We punish our imagination by disturbing the Simone Du Bee, Otherness.

we reveal our deepest reality by hiding.

I reserve all privacy by  overexposure.

the voyeur dreams to be her in his lonliness.

a shooting star

a falling star

leaves star data.

the heart knows no forbidden sky.

i talk to the dead.

francesca galliani – asia

Once upon a time there was a Buddha….

francesca galliani – asia.


the depth of significance is unimaginable. La Petit Dragonette

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