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E + P = Archangel Jophiel “Energy Positive”

Looking up*

Channeled by Jenn Royster


Archangel Jophiel brings great inspiration this week and encourages us to believe in our dreams. What do you dream your life to be? An optimistic approach to daily life can bring your dreams to fruition much quicker. The new frequency of earth resonates a quick manfesting vibe. So make your thoughts count, and “Dream a Little Dream!” It will be worth your effort and you’ll soon see your life taking a turn that will open doors of opportunity.


Your thoughts, and your positive attitude towards EVERYTHING that you experience is key to manifesting your dreams into reality. We now live in a time of miracles and they will happen quickly when you believe. So make it count. For whatever you believe, is what you are; and what you are, is what the Spiritual Law of Attraction will bring to you. -Jenn Royster


Message from Archangel Jophiel


Dear loved ones, you have come so far through your trials and we know you have endured much. Please know that this new energy frequency is waiting to manifest for you. Make your thoughts count every minute of the day and rest assured you will see miracles in your life unfold. For the more you focus your thoughts positively, you shall receive back to you.


Do not punish yourself if you stumble, Simply be kind to yourself, pick up and move on. Find something, anything in your life to feel grateful and positive about, for this will raise your frequency quickly. You have heard these words of the spiritual laws for sometime now. We have been working to bring you up to speed in these laws for several years. This was necessary to help all of humanity ascend at this time.


You now live in the frequency of manifesting quickly in the 5th dimension. Choose your thoughts wisely, for they are powerful and matter more than you realize. Simply shift your thoughts when you find yourself in a negative way, and you will move forward. For in truth, it is not the situation or person that holds you back from manifesting your dreams. It is the belief that you won’t move forward. If you believe in obstacles then there are obstacles in your life.


Belief is a very powerul thought energy, the energy that manifests energy into physical matter. In otherwords, miracles are born of the energy of belief. It is wise to take time to review your beliefs about youself at this time. What do you believe you are worth? This is important for your journey. We have told you many times how valuable you are, but it will not move forward until you believe in yourself.


You will find that many falsehoods that you have believed for so long are beginning weaken and you will see many truths revealed this year. Allow your perception of reality to expand and be filled with compassion for you and another, for everyone is adjusting to the new truths revealed. There is no need to hold anger or blame. Instead, speak with Love in your heart in all that you do and say to yourself and others. For ALL of humanity is going through great shifts of awareness very quickly.


It is of most value that you focus on the changes within yourself at this time. For when you raise your consciousness, you contribute to the whole of humanity. This is most helpful. This will light the way for another to do the same.


Believe and it will happen, and YES it really is that good to be a part of humanity at this time.


I send you much love and encouragement to keep your head held high and positive. We rejoice as you join together for a new Earth.


-Archangel Jophiel


*Small note from the Ladybug*  I am looking for more inspiration from Archangel Raphael and now, I learn of a new beautiful Archangel Jophiel. There is a botanical land of delicious  wonders, God has made for all of us. Fear is simply indigestion gone wild.  Alas, a new week.

Let’s not forget that the origin of the term “Ladybug”  Is attributed to Ave Maria!  A farmer prayed that his crops would be pest free and the legend is that Mother Mary sent this polka-dot beetles to protect the crops!  Our Lady has quite a sense of color* 


Master Jenn Royster, D.DIV. is a world-renowned Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. To learn more about Jenn Royster, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twi

via Free Angel Reading – Angel Message For You – Archangel Jophiel.


Plague Doctor by LukeDenby on deviantART


Plague Doctor

Life  can seem so unfair?  When you possess a rotten tooth, there is a dentist. Doctors must always glean what is decaying or what is ailing us.  If it is a blockage of energy?  A great fear which has become stuck in our bodies. Yet, are doctors really trained to deal with the spiritual and psychological aspect of illness?  Isn’t it a very intuitive matter more akin to a musician.  A musician can smell the music going on inside of you.  In fact? I feel pretty certain that squirrels and birds can too!  When I was meditating a lot, my mind was a deep as a great fragrant lake. I would sit and meditate with my dried apricots on my knees.  A squirrel came right up and sat on my lap.


They know if you are transmitting favorable vibes.  Seems to me a doctor should be able to do the same at least as a squirrel!  This painting reminds me that our sins, our fears, our ugliness?  It is quite like the little lump of nigredo coal that will become a sparkling and glittering diamond. There is nothing that energy released and realigned cannot be set right. As if we were getting an over the air wireless update. I shudder when I think about the plague victims. How they were shunned.  Illness of everyone belongs to us all. A prayer for those afflicted and my God Bless you with all the angels and saint.

Conversely?  Once a catteprilar came to comfort me.

I was crying before work in a navy polka dot dress?  I was sitting amongst the most delicate flowers of speckled perfection in Bryant Park. I just felt I missed my family and I sat there crying in the early morning.  I looked at my knee and a most amazing pink and yellow caterpillar must have sauntered all the way of my leg to my knee.  I was delerious.  I asked the park grounds keeper to take it off. He said “Miss Lady, don’t you know that is very good luck!  Like Snow white” The animals love you.  But the caterpillar was quite haute coutour. He reminded me of a pair of Louboutin shoes in bright pink and yellow.   Now, I pray and it feels as if grace is delivered like brightly wrapped aluminum multi colored sweets to bless me from beyond.

Wishing everyone healing and may a butterfly land upon your nose.

Plague Doctor by LukeDenby on deviantART.

Apparition of Saint Michael

The Apparition of St. Michael

It was one of our busiest days with the visitation of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in Dallas, Texas when something strange happened. We were scheduled to visit Imaculate Conception parish. Prior to my arrival, I was informed that a florist would meet up with me in front of the church, that is by the sanctuary. I decided to arrive earlier than usual at the church to check with this florist to discuss the table arrangements for Our Lady’s statue.

Upon entering the church, from the vestibule, I immediately saw the florist already standing and waiting at the sanctuary.  He raised his left hand to wave in gesture at me while holding what appeared to me like a candlestick on his right hand and a big “flower vase”. So, I waved back at him and indicated my desire to visit the restroom nearby. He was wearing elaborate flowery clothing. I thought to myself, “Indeed, that must be the florist!” His appearance is now engraved in my mind. Average built, dark complexion, long curly hair and the clothes! They were beautiful! I composed myself to meet this great-looking guy.

via Travels of Our Lady of Fatima.


*Thank you for sharing this piece. If only I could see Saint Michael too~

Thich Nhat Hanh | Tea Life, Tea Mind



“Drink your tea slowly and reverently,

as if it is the axis on which the world earth revolves–

slowly, evenly, without rushing toward the future. 

Live the actual moment.  Only this moment is life.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh | Tea Life, Tea Mind.

Magic Transistor and the Garden of Lush William Blake


William Blake, The Book of Thel (Frontispiece & Plate 4), ca. 1794.

William Blake, The Book of Thel (Frontispiece & Plate 4), ca. 1794

.Magic Transistor on Tumblr.


Christ has given us the most striking example of the love of our enemies, for on the Cross He prayed for His enemies, and in the Garden of Olives He healed the servant whose ear Peter had cut off. Our heavenly Father Himself sets us an example, for He makes His sun to rise upon the good and bad, and raineth upon the just and the unjust. He who loves his enemy therefore is like to God; he is a true child of his Father in Heaven (Matt. v. 45).

Another reason why we ought to love our enemy is because he also is made after God\’s image, and is an instrument in His hand.

Our enemy is made after God\’s likeness. The king\’s effigy stamped upon the coin, is equally deserving of respect whether the coin be of copper or gold; so we are bound to love and honor the image of God, whether the man who bears it be vicious or virtuous. It is not the sin we love, but the sinner. Man is God\’s work, sin is man\’s work; \”therefore,\” says St. Augustine, \”love what God has made, not what man has done.\” We ought also to love our enemy because God uses him as His instrument. Evil men, unwittingly to themselves, are instruments in God\’s hands. As the physician employs the leech to draw the bad blood from the veins of the sick man, and effect his cure, so God employs our enemies to remove our imperfections (St. Gregory the Great). The evil shapes the good, as file and hammer shape iron: they are to them as the plough to the fallow ground (St. John Chrysostom). They are, moreover, of service to us, by acquainting us with our faults and giving us an opportunity of practicing virtue. Enemies are like bees; they sting, but they produce honey. [Ibid.] When calumny assails you, console yourself with the thought that it is not the worst fruits that the wasps devour. Finally remember that no enemy can really injure one who loves God; for God makes all hostile designs work good to His Own people (Rom. viii. 28). This is exemplified in Joseph\’s life. The truth will teach you to bear up against persecution.


2. The love of our enemy is shown in this: That we do not revenge ourselves on him, that we return good for evil, that we pray for him and forgive him willingly.

We ought not to revenge ourselves on our enemy. David gives us a beautiful example, for he twice had the opportunity of putting his persecutor King Saul, to death, and on neither occasion did he do him any harm. Our Lord, when He was reviled, did not revile again (1 Pet. ii. 23). Once when Christ was not received in a Samaritan village because He was a Jew, the Apostles were so desirous of revenge that they wanted to call down fire from Heaven. But Our Lord rebuked them, saying: \”You know not of what spirit you are\” (Luke ix. 55). Vengeance belongs to God, not to us (Rom. xii. 19). We ought to suffer wrong rather than take revenge; we are told, to him that striketh thee on the one cheek offer the other (Luke vi. 29). Be not overcome by evil, but overcome evil by good (Rom. xii. 21). Avenge yourself, as the Saints did, by returning benefits for the evil done you; such vengeance is Divine. St. Stephen prayed for his murderers; he was more grieved for the harm they did to themselves than for the injury they did to him. When the Apostle James, Bishop of Jerusalem, was thrown from the pinnacle of the Temple, he raised himself on his fractured knees to pray for his murderers. We should also be ready to forgive our enemies. King David forgave Semei, when he threw stones at him and cursed him (2 Kings xvi. 10). To do good to one\’s enemy is a proof of great magnanimity.

3. He who does not revenge himself on his enemy, or who even confers benefits upon him, puts his foe to shame and pacifies him, and will be rewarded by God; whereas he who hates his enemy and revenges himself on him commits a sin.


I am not so good and I believe we should be compensated for being heaped with malignant abuses.  However, I cannot control this matter and I try in my stumbling manner to be honorable.





We call him our enemy who hates us and seeks to do us harm.

Saul, for instance, was an enemy of the Christians. Those alone can be said to have the love of their neighbor who love their enemies too. [Emphasis in bold added.] A big fire is not extinguished but increased by the wind; so the love of one\’s neighbor, if it be real, is not destroyed, but deepened, by affronts and offenses on the part of others. If we only love those who love us, we cannot look for any great reward (Matt. v. 46). We love our friends for our own sake, but we love our enemies for God\’s sake. [Ibid.]

1. We ought to love our enemies because Christ commands it; He says: \”Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you; pray for them that persecute and calumniate you\” (Matt. v. 44).

Christ has given


There will be people in this life whom increase the weight of my cross, which is already too heavy for me to bare.  They will scape goat you and they try to kill you.  The only way I know how to survive this and for my own salvation?  Is to be non-violent and to pray for them and try to love them.  It keeps me from becoming violent myself. It protects me from doing crimes of passion myself. I am human and I suffer, but to release this pain in a non-toxic way and be responsible for this planet and all of it’s sacred realms.  I cannot say that I can love my  ememies?  That I possess the strength of character or fortitude.  I do have empathy and compassion.  I believe that life is like the Tin Man in the Wiz.  If we try to oil another rapid oxidation of their armor and their cells.  We are a better person for it. But more than this?  I feel better.  We offer mass and consecration of the host of communion to help ease the burden of another, because we are all one.


Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co.

Everyone knows I am so in love with flowers and especially edible ones.  France is such a treasure of candied flower treats!  I want to create something special and I am listening in my heart for the flavors, colors and soul of Saint Marie De Monfort’s birth place to inspire me.

Today I am exploring the scents, music, flowers and soul of the region where Saint Louis Marie De Monfort  was born.  Everyone knows I am so in love with flowers and especially edible ones.  France is such a treasure of candied flower treats!

I want to create something special and I am listening in my heart for the flavors, colors and soul of Saint Louis  Marie De Monfort’s birth place to inspire me.  I first think of strawberries, vanilla and a magical golden effortless syrup of music.

There is a wonderful golden tea from Darjeeling.  I was only able to purchase 1 kilo.  It was rare and so delightful.  These precious teas, do not need the addition of flowers really, because they were fed flowers from the inception of their  first seedlings by the Gods and the Snow Leopards at night.  The mountains of the Himalaya’s are utterly fecund with a delicate fiery grace within the air itself.  The soil has a rich yet delicate spice.  The magnolias and magical plants are in fact the base for Mary Magdalene’s famous ointment.

   Alas?  Now…. I have an idea?  perhaps’ I will try to acquire some of this precious tea and make a special batch of candy and desserts strawberries and flowers in Saint Marie de Montfort.   I pray for his bright blessings upon us and especially for someone special, that he hear our prayers.

This is a magical site, I do so adore.  It is filled with the love, merriment, vigor and expertise of a wise group of magicians.

Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co..

Edible Flowers / Blog / Need Supply Co..



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