E + P = Archangel Jophiel “Energy Positive”

Looking up*

Channeled by Jenn Royster


Archangel Jophiel brings great inspiration this week and encourages us to believe in our dreams. What do you dream your life to be? An optimistic approach to daily life can bring your dreams to fruition much quicker. The new frequency of earth resonates a quick manfesting vibe. So make your thoughts count, and “Dream a Little Dream!” It will be worth your effort and you’ll soon see your life taking a turn that will open doors of opportunity.


Your thoughts, and your positive attitude towards EVERYTHING that you experience is key to manifesting your dreams into reality. We now live in a time of miracles and they will happen quickly when you believe. So make it count. For whatever you believe, is what you are; and what you are, is what the Spiritual Law of Attraction will bring to you. -Jenn Royster


Message from Archangel Jophiel


Dear loved ones, you have come so far through your trials and we know you have endured much. Please know that this new energy frequency is waiting to manifest for you. Make your thoughts count every minute of the day and rest assured you will see miracles in your life unfold. For the more you focus your thoughts positively, you shall receive back to you.


Do not punish yourself if you stumble, Simply be kind to yourself, pick up and move on. Find something, anything in your life to feel grateful and positive about, for this will raise your frequency quickly. You have heard these words of the spiritual laws for sometime now. We have been working to bring you up to speed in these laws for several years. This was necessary to help all of humanity ascend at this time.


You now live in the frequency of manifesting quickly in the 5th dimension. Choose your thoughts wisely, for they are powerful and matter more than you realize. Simply shift your thoughts when you find yourself in a negative way, and you will move forward. For in truth, it is not the situation or person that holds you back from manifesting your dreams. It is the belief that you won’t move forward. If you believe in obstacles then there are obstacles in your life.


Belief is a very powerul thought energy, the energy that manifests energy into physical matter. In otherwords, miracles are born of the energy of belief. It is wise to take time to review your beliefs about youself at this time. What do you believe you are worth? This is important for your journey. We have told you many times how valuable you are, but it will not move forward until you believe in yourself.


You will find that many falsehoods that you have believed for so long are beginning weaken and you will see many truths revealed this year. Allow your perception of reality to expand and be filled with compassion for you and another, for everyone is adjusting to the new truths revealed. There is no need to hold anger or blame. Instead, speak with Love in your heart in all that you do and say to yourself and others. For ALL of humanity is going through great shifts of awareness very quickly.


It is of most value that you focus on the changes within yourself at this time. For when you raise your consciousness, you contribute to the whole of humanity. This is most helpful. This will light the way for another to do the same.


Believe and it will happen, and YES it really is that good to be a part of humanity at this time.


I send you much love and encouragement to keep your head held high and positive. We rejoice as you join together for a new Earth.


-Archangel Jophiel


*Small note from the Ladybug*  I am looking for more inspiration from Archangel Raphael and now, I learn of a new beautiful Archangel Jophiel. There is a botanical land of delicious  wonders, God has made for all of us. Fear is simply indigestion gone wild.  Alas, a new week.

Let’s not forget that the origin of the term “Ladybug”  Is attributed to Ave Maria!  A farmer prayed that his crops would be pest free and the legend is that Mother Mary sent this polka-dot beetles to protect the crops!  Our Lady has quite a sense of color* 


Master Jenn Royster, D.DIV. is a world-renowned Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. To learn more about Jenn Royster, visit her on http://masterschannel.com/users/masterjennroyster or go to her website at http://www.JennRoyster.com, Facebook or Twi

via Free Angel Reading – Angel Message For You – Archangel Jophiel.


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