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E + P = Archangel Jophiel “Energy Positive”

Looking up*

Channeled by Jenn Royster


Archangel Jophiel brings great inspiration this week and encourages us to believe in our dreams. What do you dream your life to be? An optimistic approach to daily life can bring your dreams to fruition much quicker. The new frequency of earth resonates a quick manfesting vibe. So make your thoughts count, and “Dream a Little Dream!” It will be worth your effort and you’ll soon see your life taking a turn that will open doors of opportunity.


Your thoughts, and your positive attitude towards EVERYTHING that you experience is key to manifesting your dreams into reality. We now live in a time of miracles and they will happen quickly when you believe. So make it count. For whatever you believe, is what you are; and what you are, is what the Spiritual Law of Attraction will bring to you. -Jenn Royster


Message from Archangel Jophiel


Dear loved ones, you have come so far through your trials and we know you have endured much. Please know that this new energy frequency is waiting to manifest for you. Make your thoughts count every minute of the day and rest assured you will see miracles in your life unfold. For the more you focus your thoughts positively, you shall receive back to you.


Do not punish yourself if you stumble, Simply be kind to yourself, pick up and move on. Find something, anything in your life to feel grateful and positive about, for this will raise your frequency quickly. You have heard these words of the spiritual laws for sometime now. We have been working to bring you up to speed in these laws for several years. This was necessary to help all of humanity ascend at this time.


You now live in the frequency of manifesting quickly in the 5th dimension. Choose your thoughts wisely, for they are powerful and matter more than you realize. Simply shift your thoughts when you find yourself in a negative way, and you will move forward. For in truth, it is not the situation or person that holds you back from manifesting your dreams. It is the belief that you won’t move forward. If you believe in obstacles then there are obstacles in your life.


Belief is a very powerul thought energy, the energy that manifests energy into physical matter. In otherwords, miracles are born of the energy of belief. It is wise to take time to review your beliefs about youself at this time. What do you believe you are worth? This is important for your journey. We have told you many times how valuable you are, but it will not move forward until you believe in yourself.


You will find that many falsehoods that you have believed for so long are beginning weaken and you will see many truths revealed this year. Allow your perception of reality to expand and be filled with compassion for you and another, for everyone is adjusting to the new truths revealed. There is no need to hold anger or blame. Instead, speak with Love in your heart in all that you do and say to yourself and others. For ALL of humanity is going through great shifts of awareness very quickly.


It is of most value that you focus on the changes within yourself at this time. For when you raise your consciousness, you contribute to the whole of humanity. This is most helpful. This will light the way for another to do the same.


Believe and it will happen, and YES it really is that good to be a part of humanity at this time.


I send you much love and encouragement to keep your head held high and positive. We rejoice as you join together for a new Earth.


-Archangel Jophiel


*Small note from the Ladybug*  I am looking for more inspiration from Archangel Raphael and now, I learn of a new beautiful Archangel Jophiel. There is a botanical land of delicious  wonders, God has made for all of us. Fear is simply indigestion gone wild.  Alas, a new week.

Let’s not forget that the origin of the term “Ladybug”  Is attributed to Ave Maria!  A farmer prayed that his crops would be pest free and the legend is that Mother Mary sent this polka-dot beetles to protect the crops!  Our Lady has quite a sense of color* 


Master Jenn Royster, D.DIV. is a world-renowned Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Healer. To learn more about Jenn Royster, visit her on or go to her website at, Facebook or Twi

via Free Angel Reading – Angel Message For You – Archangel Jophiel.


Strange Graphics from The Archives of the British Museum

Why is everything ancient better? This is so lush.

Gopaldhara Darjeeling 2014 | Lalani & Co, London

Lalani & Co’s newest team member is Ben Ireson. Studying for his WSET4 diploma, Ben has a sharp palate and knowledge of fine drinks and terroir. Here are his tasting notes on our collection’s Darjeeling 1st Flush 2014.


Gopaldhara Gold*

The Gopaldhara Garden ‘Wonder Gold’ is a tea that purveys layers of fruit and perfume. At first sight, this 2014 1st flush glistens gold in the light. The aromas of stone fruit and herbaceous notes fill the room.

As soon as this tea touches your taste buds its freshness is unmistakable. It cleanses the palate with ripe peach notes following through to a tropical elixir. It has a slight sweetness and beautiful citrus aroma.

Tightly rolled and fresh fired leaves. Gopaldhara artisans are known for their almost tie dyed silken leaves. A collage of flavors.

This batch is grown at 6,000 ft elevation giving a large difference in temperature in the day and night giving the leaf a vital rest period. A supreme terroir combined with the process of hard withering, which rapidly extracts moisture, gives this Darjeeling fine complexity. It has an enchanting zingy finish, perfectly refreshing. Of all the Darjeeling 1st flushes tasted at Lalani & Co, this batch (Wt5) was the most expressive and complex.

There is nothing more invigorating and reassuring as the fire spritely nuances within a Gopaldhara cuppa!

What makes a great tea for me is the combination of complexity and the length of flavour. The Gopaldhara ‘Wonder Gold’ 1st Flush of 2014 has it all.

If you are a lover of teas with floral fruity flair this Darjeeling is a single batch you must try.

via Tasting Notes: Darjeeling 2014 | Lalani & Co, London.

Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia | The Public Domain Review

Somehow it makes sense that Donovan, the musical muse whose song “Mellow Yellow” and the scents his music seems to evoke me in me?  Like lavender and the use of his music for Yardley soap go together. The ideas of the spiritual realm of ectoplasm and Madame Blavatsky’s wish to embrace to a degree Indian mysticism.  It starts to all make sense that the Beatles were the first to explore publicly the delicious juxtaposition of sitars, chanting and their auric fields in music.

But, I had no idea that synesthesia went back this far.  The illness of synesthesia seems to be a wonderful one, albeit no doubt quite overwhelming!  The ability to smell thoughts or see the colors of scents.  An illness os excessive sensory perception.  I often wondered if I have this disease!  But, no one has said just yet that Mar’s seems to be made of  of chile and mole chocolate lava as a planet!

What then does jupiter taste like if the moon is made of blue gorgonzola cheese?  I guess it tastes sweet. Just my guess. Like violet British “Chowards” candy. Be careful if you bite into the planet Saturn, for it might bite you back indeed!   

Thought-Forms, a strange, beguiling, frequently pretentious, utterly original book first published in 1901, emerged from this ferment of late-Victorian mysticism. It was written by Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater, erstwhile members of the London Theosophical Society alongside Yeats, and it features a stunning sequence of images that illustrate the book’s central argument: emotions, sounds, ideas and events manifest as visual auras.

The book’s grand ambitions are evident from the first page. “To paint in earth’s dull colours the forms clothed in the living light of other worlds,” Besant laments, “is a hard and thankless task.” She insists that the images in the book “are not imaginary forms, prepared as some dreamer thinks that they ought to appear.” Rather, “they are representations of forms actually observed as thrown off by ordinary men and women.” And she hopes that they will make the reader “realise the nature and power of his thoughts, acting as a stimulus to the noble, a curb on the base.” This grandiloquence was typical: fin de siècle occult leaders produced some of the most baroque writing in literary history, the purplest of purple prose.

Yet what are we saying, exactly, when we call black words on a white page “purple”?

These sorts of underlying associations between words, colors and sounds were precisely what motivated Thought-Forms. In other words, the book was about synesthesia. The illustration of the music of Mendelssohn reproduced above, for instance, depicts yellow, red, blue and green lines rising out of a church. This, Leadbeater and Besant explain, “signifies the movement of one of the parts of the melody, the four moving approximately together denoting the treble, alto, tenor and bass respectively.” Moreover, “the scalloped edging surrounding the whole is the result of various flourishes and arpeggios, and the floating crescents in the centre represent isolated or staccato chords.” Color and sound had become commingled.

“The music of Gounod” – Source.

Yet Leadbeater and Besant intended not only to visualize sound, but to demonstrate their distinctive psychic gifts: the ability to detect spiritual “vibrations” of ideas, emotions and sounds as visual forms. This, in other words, was a sort of spiritual synesthesia, as much a religious act as a neurological one.

via Victorian Occultism and the Art of Synesthesia | The Public Domain Review.

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