chicken with prunes


oh!  Plums and Chicken ....Prunes....

There is nothing more friendly than a potato!  Silky pureed potatoes with some porcini mushrooms and 40 karat creamy butter?  When silky potatoes make friends with chicken and prunes?  Even braised chicken with apricots too. You are going to have some happy smiles all around.

I woke up singing about chicken with apricots today. I often make up songs for my dog Pasqua.  If I am getting even an inkling of a smile?  He feels it is his signal to play not fetch but to wrestle and walk on his two feet with a swagger. He does not just fetch the bone. He likes to make you work for it.

I might have to work a bit to cook this up?  I would add some spirits, like armagnac or at least some brandy or wine.  I have not drank any wine for some time, but when I do?  It will be with chicken and prunes!

Recipe a click a way.


chicken with prunes.


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