Inscrutable Charm


I adored this kid? Sometimes, I think about my Great Grandfather and the rigorous training he underwent to become a Zen master.

It must have felt like some kind of punishment. In the West we talk about Original sin. A monastery is a place to heal yourself from original sin so to speak. We all have it in our DNA and there is no shame to that.

Yet, few are chosen or decide to take up the rigors of becoming a champion of their emotions, their physical discipline into extreme focus and it is not that different from studying ballet. But, it truly incorporates every aspect of your sentient being.  Mind, body, and soul.

In this episode?  I thought about how frustrated this child must have been with picking up his jacket!  Over and over again.  The bravado and the swagger he felt came first. It’s not that different in going to boot camp? They break you down, then they build you back up.

But, this test to see if he had the humility to begin to see. I cannot imagine the relationship, which is so vital in Asian culture, between teacher and student.  The teacher knows the student must be in the final analysis able to surpass him in order for Buddhism to survive.

Koans are nonsensical seeming riddles the student must solve and he is not allowed to punch his teacher if he gets frustrated!  Sometimes it takes one or two years to answer these profound riddles.  They may be aimed at getting to the jewel again in the stony stubbornness of all our human hubris.  Teachers sometimes merely groaned or let out loud Kacchus.  Loud sounds which are like the sound of lightning and thunder.  Was it aimed at piercing far beyond the ego into the soul and source of the universe.

Our bodies really are fighting machines. It is so vital to let out your Katsu !  So to speak, saying “NO!” “Yes”  I am not going to allow this virus or imbalance in my body to take over. Plants signal all the other plants with an invisible radar. The plants all at once salute with the fragrance of sweet spellbinding jasmine.  There is a dance amongst them no one can see.  But they rid themselves of putrid invasions to their well being.

No one should declaw a tiger, for that is how it defends itself.  No parent should deprive a child of it’s true spirit and dignity to abolish all crippling encryptions.

Yet, in this video?  I was so proud to see this little boy waking up. It was called firstly “Respect”  Jackie Chan found his “Katsu”  he was a broken man whom was suffering from extreme guilt.  The young student found his universal adaptive sensibility thru the body. He found is indomitable spirit.

My G.G.F said that there is something called “The hot water of Wisdom” That true friends can yell at each other without the stickiness of friendly deception.  Hot water kills most bacteria and parasites. If we are too sweet we become a cesspool of sugary fermentation.  An intoxicating mess.  No one wants to always be around people where they must please them. It is exhausting not to be ones true self.  Therefore, perhaps the truth is cleansing and healing. Wisdom from a real master, of which they barely now exist.  They give you the medicine of wisdom. They possess the alchemy of the absolute reality.

I always wanted to study a physical discipline. Even Kung fu Panda became a hero after all.  I want to be a carpenter like Jesus. Build a vast palace inside of my interior world. I don’t want to fight and have tantrums when the first thing in life goes awry.

When I met my husband and his father. For me they were survivors. Somehow, I intrinsically realized?  A veteran is not a matter of politics. It is a warrior whom cultivates peace through hard won experience. Surviving loss and battle scars.  Yet, my G.F.F. says?  Your mind is like a feather!  Instead of like steel and iron. He said, you use your mind like it were just a blunt butter knife, when it could be a great sword of Damocles.

The Italian way seems to be?  We eat no matter what disaster!  We put our mind into the here and now. We are too valuable to lose precious time where we could be crafting a great celebration of life and love. We are too much of keepers of traditions, in our recipes to let lives sorrows stop us from showing God, just how much we love our families.  How much we love all that God has given us in this banquet, to throw our lives away by wasting away.  But most of all? Food!  Enter a great diva.  She is able to transform your mood, your body and your soul.  Providing you healing. Game changers for your overall fleeting moods.

A great Zen master is relentless in watching his heir.  He knows that a great harvest cannot become  lost in a single moment of arrogance. His students are brilliant but humble. If we are shattered or daunted by lifes hideous notions?  Great men would become extinct.  I admire the devotion of great teachers.



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