Plague Doctor by LukeDenby on deviantART


Plague Doctor

Life  can seem so unfair?  When you possess a rotten tooth, there is a dentist. Doctors must always glean what is decaying or what is ailing us.  If it is a blockage of energy?  A great fear which has become stuck in our bodies. Yet, are doctors really trained to deal with the spiritual and psychological aspect of illness?  Isn’t it a very intuitive matter more akin to a musician.  A musician can smell the music going on inside of you.  In fact? I feel pretty certain that squirrels and birds can too!  When I was meditating a lot, my mind was a deep as a great fragrant lake. I would sit and meditate with my dried apricots on my knees.  A squirrel came right up and sat on my lap.


They know if you are transmitting favorable vibes.  Seems to me a doctor should be able to do the same at least as a squirrel!  This painting reminds me that our sins, our fears, our ugliness?  It is quite like the little lump of nigredo coal that will become a sparkling and glittering diamond. There is nothing that energy released and realigned cannot be set right. As if we were getting an over the air wireless update. I shudder when I think about the plague victims. How they were shunned.  Illness of everyone belongs to us all. A prayer for those afflicted and my God Bless you with all the angels and saint.

Conversely?  Once a catteprilar came to comfort me.

I was crying before work in a navy polka dot dress?  I was sitting amongst the most delicate flowers of speckled perfection in Bryant Park. I just felt I missed my family and I sat there crying in the early morning.  I looked at my knee and a most amazing pink and yellow caterpillar must have sauntered all the way of my leg to my knee.  I was delerious.  I asked the park grounds keeper to take it off. He said “Miss Lady, don’t you know that is very good luck!  Like Snow white” The animals love you.  But the caterpillar was quite haute coutour. He reminded me of a pair of Louboutin shoes in bright pink and yellow.   Now, I pray and it feels as if grace is delivered like brightly wrapped aluminum multi colored sweets to bless me from beyond.

Wishing everyone healing and may a butterfly land upon your nose.

Plague Doctor by LukeDenby on deviantART.


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