Apparition of Saint Michael

The Apparition of St. Michael

It was one of our busiest days with the visitation of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in Dallas, Texas when something strange happened. We were scheduled to visit Imaculate Conception parish. Prior to my arrival, I was informed that a florist would meet up with me in front of the church, that is by the sanctuary. I decided to arrive earlier than usual at the church to check with this florist to discuss the table arrangements for Our Lady’s statue.

Upon entering the church, from the vestibule, I immediately saw the florist already standing and waiting at the sanctuary.  He raised his left hand to wave in gesture at me while holding what appeared to me like a candlestick on his right hand and a big “flower vase”. So, I waved back at him and indicated my desire to visit the restroom nearby. He was wearing elaborate flowery clothing. I thought to myself, “Indeed, that must be the florist!” His appearance is now engraved in my mind. Average built, dark complexion, long curly hair and the clothes! They were beautiful! I composed myself to meet this great-looking guy.

via Travels of Our Lady of Fatima.


*Thank you for sharing this piece. If only I could see Saint Michael too~


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