God is a flower


Over Hill ore’ dale, get over it with red clover.

“Have you ever taken a nip of nectar from the tiny florets of this familiar meadowland plant? The bees certainly do. Clover honey is one of the most common types of honey available, and bees visit red clover throughout the summer and fall.”


 003I was searching for the ubiquitous magical glass teapot and came across a lovely Japanese teapot with pink blossoms dreaming. I had hoped it was cherry Sakura blossoms, but it was red clover.

Bulbous butterflies of clover in sason jars.

A kite inside of a jam jar


 Suddenly, I remembered having a special moment sipping these blossoms, I perchance upon in Chinatown.  I felt strangely pink*  That is calm and sweet.  Just now upon reading about the wondrous health benefits of this simple globular orb?  I am quite impressed.  You can read about it by clicking on the above link.  It’s chemical properties have a hormonal effect of “softening”  Get me some of this quick!


Suddenly, I just remembered reading about Japanese wives whom had difficulties with their lives and visited special temples called “En Kiri”  Wise women would prescribe herbs, like shiitake mushrooms or arrowroot for tempering ones aggression.


Ancient  Asian botanists were so genius. 


They use God’s creations to address complex emotional issues with petals, perfume, calyx, hence our personal language of DNA.  We are prone to moods based on deficiencies.  The chicken or the egg ?

We have become so reliant upon man-made infrastructures instead of all the gifts we are given that even a sparrow knows.  Sadly, I hope God is not lonely at the banquet he prepared for us. I rest assured that she/he is smiling with all the angels saying “Come to me”  for all your cares and worries.

I feel assured looking at this magical orb, knowing I could never create such a pattern from water, air, earth and fire. How does he do it?  Therefore, I say “God is a flower”  I rest upon his mantle.

Bright Blessings.



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