THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! All the memories I have of my parents so in love and going to Jazz concerts when I was a wee little one. It seems like it was a great opportunity for them to rekindle their love of music and each other.

In some ways, this great love of jazz is what endured within all of us kids. It endures until today. Funny, how the ones you love remain so close to your heart in the most mysterious ways. Music fills every cell, as if my mind existed within them. Even when my mind and brain is out to lunch as they say.

My father was so proud to do a little work on this movie. He got to consult a bit with Clint Eastwood on the finer points of Charlie Parker’s life. He would always remind me that Bird used only a white mouth piece for his axe. He was quick to notice this missed point to the Clint Eastwood team. He was there in the studios fixing the computers, when of course the gift of gab which rang so clearly in him was quick to spew endlessly about his favorite jazz musician of all time. Those amazing complex chords and effervescent trills, whistles, melodies and effusive mad mad solos of his “Bird” He was so proud to attend the opening of this wonderful and poignant film by Clint Eastwood, an avid Jazz lover!


My mother never complained about my father really, even in the worst of times she said? “You must always remember? Your father was a great music teacher.”   You cannot go to sleep this whole year, until everyday you must let me read to you a bed time story of Charlie Parker’s life. No one knew a fine flick would emerge then, when I was but 14 and in but the 9th grade. In the middle of sewing up my cheer leading costumes and drama school Victorian dresses. I always had to listen or else to Jazz. Just she and I alone. Quite alone, but never really because our little apartment was filled with fat plump juicy delicious music jazz notes and not only blue notes! I find myself so inspired and invigorated suddenly by my favorite divas too. Sarah Vaughan is perfect for New Years Eve. Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all a pretty glass of Champagne and a beautiful song.






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