Spiritual Messenger: Bumble Bee

I love the bee ❤

Poetic Confections

I had a most fascinating day yesterday! This Bumble Bee has been hovering around this one certain spot in my yard for almost 2 weeks. This Bumble Bee kept looking at me too which is totally cool. I dusted off my camera and took his/her picture.

Then I decided this must be of some sort of significance and a spiritual messenger. So do I have deep connections to past lives that I am unaware of? Or is the Druidic traditions unfurling their meaning where bees being finely attuned to the positioning of the sun bring us the paradisaical meadow nectar to sweetly savor?
What is my spiritual messenger trying to tell me? So I watched the little bugger continue to hover and flutter about, then zip off into the sky…then return. I thought is this little guy lost? Why does he/she keep looking at me? I can reach out my…

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