Seagulls loved Little Charlies fish house on Kenmare!

I hope no one is truly offended by this! I love this song. No, I am not a lesbian. I wish i were, then I probably would not make a lot of the mistakes I make in heterosexual relationships with men. Sometimes, it does seem that some men just really don’t like women or they really want to hurt them and bad. For this reason, honestly? Most of my employment has been with Lesbian bosses, because they believe in me! They always say? I know you can do it! Do you know how empowering that is? It’s like having a great Mom in the case of having a boss. Course, my Mom was GREAT!

Oh, also?  I am out of the POP LOOP and did not take time to research if BEEVIS and BUTTHEAD are evil or not. I do like the Red Hot Chilli peppers bass riffs.  But, like I said?  I just love this song. Xxx.

Anyway, I don’t mean any harm to anyone. I really love E. H. and I heard about this terrible H5N1 Terrorist virus that is made in the home as a weapon. WTF! What is the world coming to? All for money and never giving a fuck about anyone else and being proud of it. WEll, to these issues, I shall pray, because when I made terrible mistakes and will do again? It is usually when I am needing a prayer, to get on the right track.

Anyway? It’s really true and I am named after a bird. Robin as a kid or yellow canary. But, I was amazed to find out that it really is true, that many seagulls are lesbians. Matriarchs really. They seem awfully brilliant to me and when one lands on the fire escape? I say to myself? It’s a great omen. But, the fish restaurant moved recently. “Charlie’s Clam House” and seagulls kinda stopped flying on our street. I think they knew that some eco-clean up was due and that biz was not so good! Little Charlie’s sold the building for something like 13 Million. Oooops! No more seagulls. They had, I mean they really had the most amazing food. Darn and even the seagulls loved it. Their shrimp sandwich was phenomenal. They had super spicy sauces and gypsy’s just like the seagulls came from miles around. It was kinda freaky to see all these grifters w/ crystal balls and tarot cards slurping up some TNT sauce.

WEll, In nature it is true too. Seagulls prefer to be treated with respect. I love this Song! My husband does not like it when I talk about how lesbians don’t take a lot of shit. Perhap’s I am generalizing and like I said, I don’t mean any offense to anyone.


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