Godammit, I’m Mad! » Religion and the Yoruba according to Sister Wolf.

I can’t wait for my hate fans to eat up my new passion, which is reading the angry Sister Wolf’s blog called Godammit I’m Mad! I am so entertained, refreshed and my soul is strangely exfoliated and the epidermal existence of my everlasting “CAUL”  is nourished.

The Caul, I was so-called born with, according to my father, Voodoo Daddy. 

Is there a “Cauler-ID” for mystical face veils.  What the hell is she talking about!  Well, A caul is a thin membrane of transparent skin that is shimmering like star stuff.   So-called, once in a blue moon babies are born with.  The birth of a child with a caul is a sigil that your child might be able to possess psychic abilities :according to local legends in New Orleans and others.  A folk legend, that just might  originate in Africa and the threads of voodoo practices, brought to America by the earliest Africans.

A right-wing henchman might call it an ET jelly you put, when you put those “Please behave and act normal electrodes on your temples!  What I find so interesting about right-wing angry people is that ?  They have a sort of “imagination cloud computing”  domain which incorporates and encompasses all issues which just don’t fit into their allopathic search and destroy algorhymes.  This category is the Science Fiction anything goes, as long as it’s kept in outer space.  It’s ok if it’s wierd and kinky because it’s just Science Fiction and I can keep all my “don’t make sense” emotions and universal questions about life there!   The lovely banished untouchable deliciousness of that icloud chocolate space box!   Just like I need to work out my abs?  They need to work out their imaginations, and take a whorl on the magical mystery tour of the Yoruba’s!  It opens of my mind and thank you Sister Wolf!

But, for us magically romantic sods?  A mystical caul, is in olden New Orleans’ days: A sign that your child will be touched by the spiritual realms and just know shit for no reason, without any particular social skills.  It’s kind of like a pesticide for warding off paranoid smiling people!  The smiling people that fear, you might say something knowing and make them VERY uncomfortable.  My former boss, she once said to me.  ” You know Fumiko?  You scare people, you know?  You don’t realize it but you seem to just know things that you don’t realize that you know or what they are connected to and this scares people”  I promptly said that “As long as it scares you and keeps you as far away from me as possible and that I get a bigger pay check?  You can call me a Voodoo baby” 

She laughed and believe me, you needed a magical potion to keep this women from beginning to chomp on your elbow or eat your eyeballs.  There is no scarier revenge of the bitten, as my once upon a time Lady Mobster Boss!  All, I can say is that Terrence Stamp said that perhaps’ he would visit us and have a spot’ of tea…. when he had a bit more courage and some black widow repellant” !  I have to admit, I was always a bit jealous of her power to incinerate everyone’s egos.  But, Sister Wolf might hunt me down and scourge me, but it will be worth it!  Her blog is so great and I love her mind. She is amazing.  I could never articulate the ideology of international “ancestor worship” as she is able to here.  Her blog in general is capital “R” for Ranting, galloping marvelous. You know when people tell “their” truths?  It is so very necessary and cosmic. It has a cathartic omnipotent Zen potion beyond compare.  So Thank you Sister Wolf!  A great compliment to my at times messy soul blog which rambles in no amoeba direction as of late.  I know she at heart is a deeply romantic soul with very thick armor!  She will need it, in her blazing trails into the bullshit of life that she reports, nothing but her truths and that takes a lot of guts. Thank you Sister Wolf for “not allowing” me to reprint this great piece on the Yoruba religion. 

© Jack Bell GalleryIn the ever-changing world of the Yoruba people of southwestern Nigeria, one thing that remains consistent is a close connection with their ancestors. The ancestral spirits of the Yoruba are much more than just dead relatives, they play an active role in the daily life of the living. They are sought out for protection and guidance, and are believed to possess the ability to punish those who have forgotten their familial ties. While there are numerous ways the ancestors communicate with the living, one of the most unique is their manifestation on earth in the form of masked spirits known as Egungun.The Yoruba believe that the transition from the realm of the living to the abode of the dead is not finite. It is just part of what African author Wole Soyinka describes as the “cyclical reality” of the “Yoruba world-view”. Each person comes to this life from the world of the unborn, through the “abyss of transition.” And each will leave again through this archetypal realm, as they make they way to the world of the ancestors.When a child comes into this world, he or she is said to carry with them aspects of a former ancestor who is reborn in the child. This is not to say they are the ancestor reincarnate, but that there are certain features of their personality and elements of inborn knowledge that come from a previous relative. When the time comes to leave this earth, it is not the end of their existence either. Yoruba scholar Bòlaji Idowu explains: “Death is not the end of life. It is only a means whereby the present earthly existence is changed for another. After death, therefore, man passes into a ‘life beyond’ which is called Èhìn-ÃŒwà —‘After-Life’”To be remembered is to be kept alive; to remain within the Sasa period, which is the realm of the living, the unborn and the ancestors.Once an ancestor has been forgotten, they simply slip into the vast expanse of the Zamani, where the gods, divinities and spirits dwell. As long as an ancestor remains within the Sasa period, they have the ability to help those here on earth, because the living-dead are bilingual: they speak the language of men, with whom they lived until ‘recently’; and they speak the language of the spirits and of God, to Whom they are drawing nearer ontologically. In exchange for being ritually remembered, the living-dead watch over the family and can be contacted for advice and guidance.

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