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Hold Your Horses: Name That Painting

gorgeous recipe!


Starting out with a loose rendition of The Last Supper (in which Matisse seems to have painted a sky above Leonardo’s iconic fresco), French-American band Hold Your Horses takes viewers on a head trip through art history in their new video for the track “70 Million.” Janson’s this is not; instead we see members of the band playing instruments in reconstructed paintings from the operating table to the boudoir. Watch the video after the jump and then follow along on the world’s most entertaining art history lesson.

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British Rulers Spark ‘Golden Stool’ War With Ashanti Tribe On This Day In 1900

right now ? my mind is on Mother Mary and Africa… I have been learning so much from our Home Health Aides from Ghana. 2 Were from Ghana, no 3! I met 2 whom were Muslims, and both were terrific. I learn’t about the passion the people from Ghana seem to have for their spiritual lives. Then we met on Christian. Our nurse is from somewhere in Africa, oh yes? Nigeria. They all are incredibly spiritual and have garnered my respect. To care for the elderly and the ill takes a lot of inner fortitude.

Hail to you Wife of Spartacus*! May you never thirst.

Thank you for sharing. How quickly life and it’s most precious meaning can become abused. This is lovely. Thanks!

miracles happen now and then… Triduana

miracles happen now and then...  Triduana

The 17th-century Acta Sanctorum records a story of a blind English woman miraculously cured by Triduana. The saint appears to her in a dream, and instructs her to travel to Restalrig. She does so, and regains her sight at Triduana’s tomb. The woman’s daughter is later cured of blindness after praying to Triduana.

In the 12th century, the Norse Earl of Orkney Harald Maddadsson punished bishop John of Caithness by having him blinded. According to the 13th-century Orkneyinga Saga, John prayed to ‘Trøllhaena’, and later regained his sight when brought to her ‘resting place’, possibly referring to a local northern shrine rather than Restalrig.

The principal centre of devotion to Triduana was at Restalrig, now part of Edinburgh, where the parish church is dedicated to her. The 15th-century St Triduana’s Aisle often flooded in the past, and was though to be a holy well, known as St Triduana’s Well. The aisle was heavily restored by the architect Thomas Ross in 1907. Other dedications to Triduana include chapels at Ballachly (Caithness), Loth (Sutherland), and on Papa Westray in Orkney.” [1]

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Alchemy Art

Depending upon the kindness of Saints and strangers?  The swan and Saint Bride , Goddess of the Mound is intimately connected with delivering the souls of the dead from the sacred BREE.   The swan and me are no stranger. 


Saint Michael is also associated with the “soul of a man”  his deep connection with this life and the after life. There are times when the angels, the Saints, and even the honey bees call upon man to hear their divine decrees.  To preserve life and the sanctify of justice.  The protection of all that is full of life and goodness.  My road with the swans and it’s sublime beauty is unveiling itself thru the Goddess and Saint of Swans Saint Bridgit!  I love you, and ask your protection, illumination and courage.

Depending upon the kindness of Saints and strangers.

Alchemy Art.

The Great Work, the Crucifixion and the Marriage at Cana

Looking so much deeper than lets say jeans wearing, paired down version of the Cosmic whorl of life. Once upon a time, a rich stock of “unfathomables” held sway. Green twinkling alchemical whorls of powdered emeralds and ruby mystifying realms were infused and lived. Christianity and the ancient fabrics of jewel encrusted and feathered robed embraced the ancient and the divine new. I love reading and hearing about the intersections in the skies starscapes and constellations to the roads of Saint Dunstan’s abbey. Well, here is what always amazed me? Just how did Christ turn water into wine at the Wedding of Cana. Joining the divine and matter as one.

Reclaiming Sovereignty

The alchemy practised by Plato has recently become a subject of great interest since the Royal Wedding, when they rolled back the carpet in front of the high altar at Westminster Abbey to reveal the Cosmati pavement bearing the ancient Greek natural philosopher’s splendid alchemical vision of the creation of the universe.

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