Lit Bombast: The Need to Feed

To carry the weight of all the art in the world upon your porcelain shoulders? A scratch, a drop of blood? A ribbon around a time bomb. Punky Frida.

Ribbon Around A Bomb

Lydia Lunch performs, utters, radiates, and yes, consumes intensity.   Whether it’s in the form of screeching vocals, convulsive stage antics, or in this case, vigorous flavors, everything the woman does is full-fucking-force.

On that note, she has written… a cookbook. It’s called The Need to Feed: Recipes for Developing a Healthy Obsession with Deeply Satisfying Foods.  And it’s the only cookbook I’ve ever purchased… or read… or, let’s face it, probably held thus far in my life.

lydia lunch need to feed
“I gorge on life in the spirit of unrepentant hedonism. I embrace pleasure as an inalienable pagan right and employ it as the ultimate weapon in my ongoing rebellion against false virtue. I seek to feed and feast upon the most succulent delights I can wrap my lips around, be it flora, fauna, flesh, fish, foul, or pharmaceuticals. I wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.”

It sort of makes sense when you consider…

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