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Almine Rech Gallery – Current



28.11.12 — 02.03.13

Olga Forever (Olga Khokhlova en nymphe dans le ballet L’Après-midi d’un faune, 1916), 2012
Oil on canvas, laserprint and embroidery collage , 121 x 84 cm

Almine Rech Gallery – Current.

Sting Theory | Jasondylan’s Blog

Theoretical Physicist all over the globe have taken an interest in a new theory of everything. It seems “String Theory” is evolving into “Sting Theory” and the scientific community is a “buzz.“Theoretical Physicists are warming up to a new theory of relativity which is connected to the famous Renaissance Man himself. It seems there is some talk within the the scientific community about the idea of testing some of their hypotheses with actual humans in mind…and they are starting with Gordon Sumner or ‘Sting’, as he is more widely known.And Sting’s DNA, just might hold the ‘keys’ to unlocking the mysteries of the universe! From the beginning of recorded time music has been the language of the spheres. As a virtuoso musician who meditates, Sting has been able to give detailed accounts of unbelievably complicated quantum mechanic theories and shed new light on many ideas that have confounded modern physicists and the physicists of old.

via Sting Theory | Jasondylan’s Blog.

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