Fried Artichokes Recipe with Mint

Artichokes are a little like fountain pens.  Super romantic, sexy and delicious! BUT?  Big pain in the toukas.  Alas, I shall brave the breviary of this ancient succulent , nearly biblical vegetable.   Jerusalem chokes versus Italian?  Often, a metaphor for being smart and witty but not so pretty?   But?  Translates across the board into delish!  So, I have 24 baby artichokes. where the tips are so sharp that I might be able to dip them in ink and write some sort of surreal psalm!

Here’s a recipe for one of our favorite ways to cook up the baby artichokes, Fried Minted Baby Artichokes. Tasty little tidbits we tend to eat much more than we intend to. One note on making them, be very liberal in stripping away the outer leaves. As a general rule, the darker the color the leaf, then tougher it will be after frying. Usually I’ll strip almost half of the leaves off of store bought baby artichokes.

via Fried Artichokes Recipe with Mint.


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