The unbearable dimness of being.

My Dog has been sleeping in a habitat of poisons.  He has blood in his urine, which is the second time.  His little body cannot process all of the toxic chemicals projectile fumes and gaseous poisons that a human might suffer from but a helpless dog whom is loyal and follows one into a lair of brutality.   Sadly, loyalty and unconditional love, something rarely found in humans is rewarded with sadistic and I might add cowardly from behind a thin veneer, never daring to tell this little dog?  What did it do to deserve a death by renal failure.  Why must he pay for the greed and power plays of not power really but simply force.   All puppies know is Love.

August 14, 2011it is the fox who cares about girl’s soul. she died in the woods and now her flesh is overgrown by moss. at night wings of peacock feathers grew from girl’s back and still stick to her body, blood-warm.7 comments

via laura makabresku: August 2011.


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