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The Calm-A-Sutra of Tea Master

Posted by Fumiko Sasaki

Each year, The Tea Council holds a competition called “The Calm-A-Sutra National Scholarship Competition”. One of my favorites is the 2007 honorable mention… “Tea is tougher than you think” by Tara Taylor.

“Tea is tougher than you think,” one of the original videos you will find amongst the plethora of entries. The criteria for winning is creating a truly original work.  This short features a modern day “Fonzi” tough guy, touting the health benefits of tea. Check out some funky fun and fabulous tea flicks over at Tea.Usa.org! Methinks it has a tad likeness to being “Tea INDIES” Mini independent movies which wax from romantic, serious drama, comedy to just plain sweet.

Limeflower tea 1

The Tea Association also acts as a marketing and educational source for those looking to find a variety of tea preparation techniques for home brewing to running a full fledged bubbling tea house, salon or tea shop. Tips include importing teas, but what I found remarkable is they’re giving scholarships of 20,000 directly to the education institute of their desire. King or Queen of Tay for a day!

poetry-teapot-1.jpgOver at TeaUsa.org, which has quietly been bubbling since 1950, you will find a branch of varied resources. The Tea Council, The Tea Association, as well as The Specialty Tea Institute (STI), I would not say that it is the Yale or Oxford of Tea, as each cup of tea can be itself the most illuminating professor of all, especially in the poetic reverie and calming moments a tiny respite can bring. Yet, you can take a serious course in Tea Certification, which will envelope one within the rich culture of 5,000 years of tea history and its intricate palate, all from one genus of camellia sinensis tea leaves. The Tea Certification courses are just one public resource TeaUsa.org offers.

Tea gets the third degree! Check out the winning tea video called “Interrogation.” images-1.jpegAt times I enjoy a bit too immensely shows such as “Law and Order” or “CSI,” drama one wouldn’t normally associate with pinkies up, tea sipping or globe trotting to Katmandu and popping over to Tibet to take in the rich inscence and reflective rituals of tea. What if you could have both?

Hmmm? That is all I will say, as my hint to the winner of the Calm-A-Sutra tea award! His name is John Ford, 2nd year graduate student of film from my hometown of Los Angeles. One more hint? Did you ever wonder? I have for many years! Just what would happen if those famous cups of coffee from by the cooler that law officers find such sanctuary in were replaced with tea? Check it out! I hope you will smile when you watch it yourself, along with many a clever facelift to the noble leafs ritual of pinkies up Edwardian image. It is inspiring to see teas health efficacy sipped in many an array of new costume changes!

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