Frank Eugene | performers

and i love her strange flowers….. thank you for the wondrous photos! Frank Eugene of performers.

Strange Flowers

Frank Eugene, born in New York City in 1865, was one of the first people to make the case for photography as an artistic medium. His own prints aspired not just to the status of painting but also mimicked its textures, often featuring scratches and other modifications. Eugene’s exploration of his German roots took him to Munich in the late 19th century; his subjects there ranged from bohemian artists to Bavaria’s royal family. A common theme throughout his portfolio is performers – these images of musicians, actors and dancers all date from around the first decade of the 20th century.

Fredy 1901
The Cake Walk 1900s
The Baronin B. and Miss M. - Rosenkavalier 1900s
Snakecharmer 1900-1908
On the Wabash (Miss D.) 1900s
Josef Geis as Beckmeser c 1908
Josef Geis as Beckmeser 1900s
Fritzi von Derra - The Oriental Dancer 1900s
Fritzi von Derra - The Greek Dancer 1900s
Fritzi von Derra - The Exotic Dancer 1900s


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