Brigits Sparkling Flame: CD: Medieval Office for St. Brigit: Plainsong Chant

2, 2008CD: Medieval Office for St. Brigit: Plainsong ChantFlame of Ireland: Medieval Irish Plainchant, An Office for St. Brigit, by Canty.Canty is the female half of Scotlands Capella Nova, a “professional vocal ensemble specialising in early medieval and renaissance and contemporary music”. Canty was founded in 1998 by Rebecca Tavener to celebrate the 900th anniversary of Hildegard of Bingen. from the Capella Nova website:Our programme mostly consists of material for the Office of Matins for the Feast of St Brigit. Matins was the longest and most entertaining of the Offices including a series of nine lections and responsories focussing on the life and attributes of the saint. The full Office would probably be more than two hours in length, so we present a formal, but truncated, version which includes the original lections, but cuts nine of the ten Psalms which would have been sung. The one remaining Psalm is the Venite which forms a delightful structure with its antiphon Invitatory, alternately whole or in part, appearing between each verse…The date of the manuscript might have tempted us to perform this material using late-Medieval techniques such as applied measures and improvised harmonies. We have steadfastly resisted doing this, wishing to present the Office in a much more archaic manner, befitting the great antiquity of the sources of the Brigit legends……Manuscript 80, from the library of Trinity College Dublin, is the main source relied upon for this recording. It is a fifteenth-century noted breviary, i.e., one which includes notation for the chant melodies. Although we do not know the details of its provenance, it was compiled probably in the fifteenth century and is believed to have been used in the parish of Kilmoone, Co- Meath, from at least 1470 until 1604…

via Brigits Sparkling Flame: CD: Medieval Office for St. Brigit: Plainsong Chant.


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