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How About a Nice Cuppa Oxygen?

Posted by Fumiko Sasaki

September 24, 2007

Please do not disturb! My water bottle is meditating… It’s OGO, “The Breathing Water.”

ogo.jpgAhhh yes….. I think my water bottle is coming out of its deep state of meditation in oxygen absorbtion! Has it attained a higher state? Hopefully it won’t say “Just breathe, you feel me?” It is saying, “The wisdom of the way is not spoken in words but in deeds. Drink OGO, that is the way of the water.” WOW, that is SO heavy. No, I mean light. Yes, effervescent. New Woman, OGO Oxygen water is the latest beauty “secret” of both David Beckham and Madonna. It’s also the latest miracle beauty water in a long, long list. Apparently the extra 35% oxygen helps flush out your system, which will relieve that hangover and improve the look of your skin. I haven’t been home to Cali – that’s music talk for Hollywood – but oxygen bars are all the rage with the healthy. Woody Harrelson heads this oxy-pack as proprietor. Is this just a buncha hot air?

I wonder if this theory really does hold water?

o3ogo.gifLet’s see! The special oxygenation process for OGO has been developed and patented by scientist Fritz Kurzer. It delivers “a high oxygen concentration level and a high stability of the oxygen water.” The burst of oxygen in each bottle of OGO will give your O2 saturation a boost. Our less-than-scientific tests resulted in a consensus that OGO did definitely give panel members a quick pick-me-up feeling.

Oxygen is credited as being part of motherboard of our own natural energy source. Certainly heating water for tea properly, so as not to deoxygenate it, brings out the best moods in my tea leaf rituals. Apparently water, which has embraced volcanic rocks and even Mongolian pink stones in its travels, makes your tea a simpering source of delight. But, hey, that is the earth and not the wind and fire part of my cuppa tea. If I run up and down the stairs drinking tea, I certainly will increase my oxygen and my theophyline?

If you would like to make contact with this transcendental H20 and the official “H20 sommeliers,” check out http://www.finewaters.com/. Don’t forget, if you are not really thirsty, you can just get a cuppa air!

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