A Nice Cuppa – » “Groove is in the heart of Tea” at Tavalon’s new tea bar!

“Groove is in the heart of Tea” at Tavalon’s new tea bar!

Posted by Fumiko Sasaki

April 28, 2006

“Groove is in the heart” � Tavalon’s Tea Bar!

Tea is in the house!

Tavalon tea bar is Manhattans newest urban Tea party from outer space. Tea without the gravity? “Are you down with it?”

You get to travel light alright, groovin with congas and a Dee-jay up above the tea stairs so high? The genus “camellia sinesis” never had it so good as in its latest minimalist incarnation.

tavalonIs it tea being Dee-light-ful?, tea being dee-licious? or YO! wait that’s “tea groovelicious” I may as well be an archaic tea maven from the Boston Tea Party stirring my curds and whey compared to this new tea launch pad called Tavalon. Now is it tea in a space ship from NASA?, or tea in the MP3? “Yo? H o l l a h? You tell me? I can imagine Ellen the doyenne of talk shows feeling right at home in this clever tea mise en scene sniffing tea within oblong crystal balls, these test tubes for sniffin are filled with teas of all manner of teasing tastes and color palates. They feel like you are holding stained glass while sniffing a kaleidoscope of outrageous fragrance. Ah but teas health functions are touted by all types. Do you want to feel soothed, balanced, energized, or even slimmed down! Take note of their “tea function” legend paired with the properties of health benefits to a tee.

The players? Tea gets lots of hip names like their “Tea Genius” an enlightening handmade noble green tea from the high mountains of Taiwan where a Taoist can now call by cell phone to listen to mp3’s of world beats. A clever homage to classic treasures such a silver white downey tips called “The Great White” or “King Ceylon” and “Too long Oolong” too.

You can drink a subtle concoction called “After Dark” that’s not tea noir but tea sans caffeine. And there are many other blends with tactile fruits like pineapple, peaches, marigolds,plums, blood oranges or royal chamomile or a hip hop Morrocan mint. “Cupids Arrow” may be a tea for kissing and telling. I love the creativity and spunk with tea on a sci-fi carousel.

teaYou can kick it with 3oz of their teas in caddies to take home with you to have all your own. Teas are on the GO here, muslin tea envelopes like tea love letters are filled with a choice of over 30 teas you can pop in to take out. There will be a few seats for those pondering the tea-jays tea beats. You can munch on Balthatzars green tea cup cakes and psychedelic rice puddin’ from Rice to Riches on Spring street which is the Jetsons launch pad too. They get a little help from the friends of “Wich Craft” down the street for sweets as well.

Tea PotTeawares suit the space shack with Tea pitchers with un-zippering tea cozies or a tea sling called a tea stick which looks out of Blade Runner to infuse your teas, lots of tea love in the house. There is the gravity tea maker which you can brew tea to perfection in a surreal near hydroponic tea immersion system that looks like 1/2 and hour glass, then place the tea maker on your cup and it has a gravity flow filter that automatically triggers the infusion to release into your cup of choice. I am partial to the “Smart Tea Pot” which looks like a tea filled crystal ball in the shape of an egg. Hey, I feel like a genius now too!

Whose baby is this? I had a hip me to the Tavalon tea trip, tea talk with one of the visionary inventors John Paul Lee. I will never forget how lucid and succinct is his vision of tea for the future. He said, “We are making tea as fresh, new and musical as tea makes you feel”. Lee isn’t in it alone, credit also goes to his partner Sonny Caberwal, and Tea Chef Chris Cason for the concocting too. I understood the founders mission was to change the face of tea from being just tweed and monocle of Scotland yard and Sherlock Holmes or pinkies up at high tea with your inherited antique tea cups of our ancestors. Tea can pledge allegiance to its 5000 year old nobility with all due respect but get with program of the millennium. This genius tea bar is situated smack in the middle of Union Square NYC with drizzles from the Whole Foodies supermarket to the exorbitant Diesel jeans, but there is also an enclave of sleep lacking students of anywhere from N.Y.U., Baruch College to the New School too. It is a compassionate nod or should I say not nodding off drinking acerbic gallons of coffee cramming for finals? But kissing the rainbow of tea. I don’t know if the students of tomorrow will achieve world peace. Yet, surely with tea as an aid to clearer thinking, soothing non jittery teas? Maybe not World Peace yet? But at least for a moment of “U-Rock” tea paradise can be found with this urban oasis of TEA-Avalon! It’s indeed de-loveliest!

Visit Tavalon’s website at: Tavalon Tea Bar Tavalon � (212) 807-7027

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April 28th, 2006

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