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Delicate Baileys Irish Cream Cheesecake

Irish Creme cheese cake is delightful. Heart-shaped molds of muslin wrapped cream cheese have been whipped with fresh creme. You can also substitute a Coeur de Creme. I wish I could say like Rachael Ray… “oh I don’t bake,” even though I can whip up a 13 course meal in 30 minutes! I have a very mini offering though; I surfed the Food Network and tried The Barefoot Contessa’s recipe of coeur ala creme with grand marnier in the framboise red berries. A dash of Irish creme is perfect when whipped into the cream cheese! No need for berries, as leprechauns will be invisibly dancing and taking a bite or two.

Verdant green tea shortbread heart-shaped cookies as green as the hills of Ireland! Try a lovely recipe here.

photo-concept courtesy of “Chika”

via A Nice Cuppa – » Green Tea Leprecauns and Shamrocks.


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