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Find the Sanctuary of Tea Cuisine in Soho

Posted by Fumiko Sasaki

September 5, 2007

Artful Tea Cuisine

A unique New York tea varietal called Sanctuary Tea


Sanctuary Tea is like a tea house within a sacred tree house. Leave your cares and your troubles far away sipping tea in the sky between the branches… A delicate wooden sweetness of haute serene architecture entwines one within the scent of fresh tea leaves. Although it is on the ground level, you feel as though you have entered a contemporary Zen space with that wabi sabi simplicity.

Clever dishes glow within the warm woods of this shrine to tea savoir faire. In the fine French tradition of their Salons du The,’ where an alchemy of teas star in a marriage of tea to cusine as a delightful culinary ingredient.

Brings to mind the hilly city too, the famous San Francisco restaurant Chez Panisse with its ever chic culinary tea time supreme with their daring Ms. Gustafon, the late Tea maven Grande classique.


In the birthplace of tea, China, tea has long infused its delicious cuisine. Where the East meets the West, Broadway bordering China town just below Grand still in Soho we have the reincarnation of the spirit of some 60 sassy teas. That’s a lot of tea for Chef Kevin Stanton, who hails from Boulud, to get alchemixing into his classically yet eclectic inspired tea cuisine. Those include king salmon infused in strawberry tea with cucumber relish, wax beans, and wild lime leaves sauce; halibut slowly cooked in lychee black tea and served with grilled asparagus, feta cheese, saffron sauce, and coconut; and gnocchi cooked in brown butter with jasmine tea. The kiss of the French marrying tea to chocolates and creamy desserts should be nothing short of divine. Manhattan truly needed an upscale tea party


There is also a list of desirable tea cocktails so that tea can fully express its night life side too! Mixologist Benoit Cornet enlivens the full T-Bar. How about a Kettle One vodka Earl Grey Mar-tea-ni or perhaps an Absolute vodka Lapsang Souchong infused smoky Bloody Mary?

Sanctuary Tea imparts offerings of gifts such as the “Overnight Tea Connoissuer,” which includes Zojirushi water hot pot, delicate glass tea vessels and a symphony of tea to get you in tune with your alpha wave tea zones. Dawn Cameron, who began selling her teas online at http://www.sanctuarytea.com, is the reigning Queen of the tea Camellia and proprietress of Sanctuary Tea. Alexandra Milecevic is the charming protector of the leaf and chief Tea consultant.

Visit Sanctuary Tea

337B West Broadway (Grand Street)

New York, New York

(212) 941-7832

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September 5th, 2007

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Reader Comments


Written by:

Joe Russo

Posted on:

September 9, 2007 at 3:07 pm

Fumiko, I love your writing, it’s so you…sky between the branches, mmmmmm


Written by:


Posted on:

September 10, 2007 at 7:26 am

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Dear Fumiko,

thanks for the lovely review.

I also feel that tea is the Queen of all camellias esp when it is respected and

treated at it should. As you may know

Tea is the Regal Queen of India.

We are doing very interesting culinary recipes

with our Darjeeling Garden teas- namely Gopaldhara , Avongrove and Rohini Darjeeling teas, I shall send you a special

dessert recipe from the Land of the Celestial


S. M. Changoiwala,

Darjeeling tea gardens- Gopaldhara, Avongrove and Rohini

Dooars tea gardens – Soongachi and New Glencoe


Written by:


Posted on:

October 15, 2007 at 2:11 am

Thank you Mr SMC!

Darjeeling craze is here to stay and I shall be covering the news on my own tea sattelight dish and tea cuppa. Darjeeling Limited has given me a deeper curiousity than ever. New York Times today certainly has a spread of High Tea in the Himalayas!


Fumiko Sasaki

via A Nice Cuppa – » Find the Sanctuary of Tea Cuisine in Soho.


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