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Be Tea Happy… The Simplicity of Pure Leaves

Posted by Fumiko Sasaki

October 10, 2008

Once upon time when camellia sinensis tea leaves came to the Western World, I sometimes wondered if the secret of multiple tea infusions was kept to themselves to sell us more tea! Save money and watch the waltz of the leaves…

Perusing various tea vendor recipes? Tea making can seem as though it was rocket science. Some of us like to relax and still make great tea. Tea making can be as simple or as involved as you like. As you experiment with premium loose leaf tea leaves, richer flavors will emerge, as well as the passion to acquire skills to create your perfect cuppa. My experience is that starting out with beautiful simple styles, you will develop what I call tea confidence!

Here is a fun steeping recipe courtesy of Ming Cha tea purveyors of Hong Kong. (They’re not selling tea in the USA officially just yet) The joys of connoisseur level teas are as delicious as they are more healthful. They can be a much more affordable luxury than you might imagine, by using cycle steeping or multiple infusions which your tea leaves will adore! Here is a tea happy simple recipe for loose leaf tea making. (The art of classical Chinese tea making of using tiny tea cups and small hand crafted pottery tea pots is a relatively elaborate ritual.)

If you sieve and pour all of the infused tea liquor out of the glass into smaller cups, decanting all of the precious tea liquor to the last richest drop,* your tea will reward you! ($) Not to stew but steep…. Premium teas should yield at least 3 infusions. Hand plucked leaves will not call you cheap! They long to unfurl with what is lovingly called “The Agony of the leaves.” Beautiful leaves can burst out of their plethora of dehydrated sculpting. Rehydrated back to life by repouring that spring water right back over them. This will release all of their unique nuanced florals, mysterious orchard notes or even, for example, savory spring snow pea nuances. Delicate as a collection of Monet paintings.

Discover the rich luxury of premium loose leaf teas by using simple principals of playing with H20 temp and increasing steeping times over each re-steep. All said and done? Everyone can make delicious tea imported teas.First Love White Tea from teacuppa.com As you do in your cooking, taste as you go! All you need is terrific tea, a heat source, and the heart or Mother of all tea, which is Water! I love experimenting with bottled spring waters such as Volvic, Fuji and more. Volvic is my personal favorite, brings to life the delicate nuances.Glass teapot-like terrariums are so lovely! Now that it is getting chilly, your H20 will not take too long to cool by 20 degrees. The cool breezes are here and cozy moments sipping await. We will be reviewing some wonderful premium loose leaf tea of all origins.

If you fancy getting a bit of a stronger flavor, simply add more leaves. Try 5 grams per 10 oz for starters. Let water cool a bit for white tea and greens. Experiment with steeping increments just as you would with your culinary whirls. Less is more infusion time wise to start with. White teas benefit from more lingering lengths. It is your canvas! Feel free to improvise and experiment. It is easy to brew loose leaves! Many of these wonderful recipes of Well Fed Network require intricate culinary skills such as baking a souffle!

Tea making skills are much easier than you may believe! We don’t scare easily here at “A Nice Cuppa!”

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October 10th, 2008

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