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Cheesecake freddo di ricotta « Ricette in 30 minuti


Cheesecake freddo di ricotta « Ricette in 30 minuti.


Abraham and the Three Angels

Abraham and the Three Angels EECKHOUT (1656)

See for the source of the above photograph of the painting and a description.  Eeckhout is also a Dutch painter, a student of Rembrandt.  He has cast the Bible story in a scene contemporary to him.

For brief biographical information on Eeekhout and other paintings by him on biblical subjects, see

This story of Abraham and the Three Angels is carried to the sublime height of Christian theological interpretation inTrinity by Alexander Rublev, the fifteenth-century Russian painter of icons in the  Christian orthodox tradition.

via Abraham and the Three Angels | The Bible Through Artists’ Eyes.

Jewish angels “Malach” help you?

Jewish angels are considered as intermediary forces. As the different religions evolved over time, the angel versions separated into three distinct ideas, the Judaic, Christian and Islamic versions. When the Jewish were in association with the Persians, the hierarchy of angels was developed, idea of spirits and angels and many different conceptions.
“The angels are seen as messengers, the meaning of the Hebrew word malach. Many people state that in the Bible and Judaic literature, angels are depicted as being unchanging. That makes them very diverse from us humans. Throughout the Jewish history, “Angels are considered a metaphor. They are not considered to be physically present,” says Rabbi Yehoshua Karsh, director at the Chicago community Kollel. Most agree that angels play a grand role in Jewish life.”


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