The bee and the flower

The power of the tea flower
Feel the power of the Tea Flower!

Please don’t tell my 10 year old niece named Grace! This is just what she is getting for her next caffeine free tea party with her puppy Chado. (The name she chose “Chado” after the tea ceremony.) She already wants to be a chef but lets start with the tea! I found these beautiful tea flowers strainers that can sit a top of your tea cup in purple, red or blue for the perfect tea party accessory! You can brew the tea right in the center of the flower where it later drip free sits within a foilage catch. She already loves tea in the garden. She had tea here in Manhattan not exactly as her favorite children’s book character Eloise with her pinkies up sipping cup after cup of tea at the Plaza Hotel since it is closed! The American Girl Place did just great for the Big Apple Afternoon Tea magic she had dreamed. When she got home to sip some of the little ones tea I had blended just for her and her Mumsey?

She and Chado her puppy were confounded as to how to make tea in some simply a fragrant sipping way?

Audrey TEA infusor

A temptress

of a tea pot substitute…..

The little ones too can brew fresh tea leaves spot on in the middle of the flower the
Power flower tea tool is available online $14.95

Made by Koziol called the “Audrey Tea Flower”

Dolls are optional now that she can one of these in every color. When I heard they returned to tea bags it is even made Chado simper, wimper and sigh. Move over Cheshire Cat! Puppies too are grinning and can live inside of a flower in Tea Wonderland.


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