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PAPERMAG: 7 Fashion Designers Who Have Costumed Movies

Hubert de Givenchy for Sabrina, Funny Face, and Breakfast At Tiffanys

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Tiny Dancer

It is like swimming in a lake made of candy  swans.

How precious she is…. How powerful is her pure goodness.

To be new again.

A few of my favorite things… raindrops on rosie and sophia grace

If there is a magical potion that always makes me feel better? It is the pure beauty of these two little girls.

Tuija Lampinen


 t    u    i    j    a        l    a    m    p    i    n    e    n

Tuija Lampinen.

It’s odd to imagine that there is possibly a language that you already speak, which you never knew? Simply in ones blood. Or is it that everyone loves Louisianaesthetic? I change to imagine the latter. Thanks.


HERB ROE Fille avec un Poulet

HERB ROE, “Fille avec un Poulet,” painting

“Les Bons Temps” is the first in a series of Pinterest boards curated by myself, Reggie Rodrigue, that will be used as digital galleries for the exhibition of visual art and other cultural artifacts together. The contents of each monthly exhibition will be dependent on one particular concept. “Les bons temps” is French for “the good times,” and one can hear the phrase in everyday conversation or music in Louisiana often. Considering that Mardi Gras takes place in the middle of February, I thought it would be an appropriate concept for this month’s exhibition. It is filled to the brim with artistic and musical goodness from Louisiana and a few other places, and speaks to the “joi de vivre” of life in Louisiana during Mardi Gras and the rest of the year. To check out “Les Bons Temps,” follow the link provided…

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White Wolf Journeys

The Andara crystal is a very special gift from God that holds the energy of unconditional love from the divine feminine. A stone that is very rare comes from Native American Indian land. The vibration is so high within the stone that it never needs to be cleansed because it only holds love and does not absorb negativity as it instantly transforms it. For this reason it serves as an amazing tool to heal the heart. I knew there was something magical about this stone the first time I experienced it. I was given the message to have it cut into the sacred geometric shape of the earth. This is known as Metatron’s Cube.

The first time I worked with the Andara also known as Lemurian glass, was in Glastonbury, England in 2003. I had been guided to be there for the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th and had gathered a group of 33 souls to be with me for this amazing energetic shift. On this night the six pointed Star of David was formed in the heavens signaling a time of the Divine Feminine and Divine Male being unified and the return of the Goddess energy to the earth. During a meditation I began to pass the Andara crystal from person to person, asking each one to hold the crystal over their heart center to receive the healing energies.

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under the ivy


under the ivy.

Things with wings


Today was a wonderful Day. Father Ahern come to bless us and our house. He gave us the bread of heaven.

Things with wings.

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