Brigid – Celtic Goddess and Saint

Celtic Goddess of Poetry, Healing, the Hearth, Creativity, and More

Brigid is an Iri

English: statue of a Celtic goddess, probably ...

English: statue of a Celtic goddess, probably Brigid (Brigantia) in a persona identified with Minerva. Category:Celtic art Category:Celtic deities (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sh and Celtic goddess from pre-Christian times. Her domain is the hearth, poetry (and creativity), and smithery (metalcrafting). She was absorbed into the Roman Catholic church when Ireland was converted to Christianity and became St. Brigid.

She is a patroness to me, having made her presence known to me not long after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. I have been on a journey ever since to understand what it means to be “adopted” by a goddess. I don’t know that I have learned all that much, except that she is a part of me that knows things that my conscious mind doesn’t always have access to; she is connected in some unexplainable across time and space to other people, places and things; and sometimes she projects herself outside of me to work, either on me or something external. She is also somehow connected to my Celtic ancestry in the British Isles, although I didn’t know anything about any of that when I was growing up.

She is connected with Archangel Michael, something I learned when I first started being aware of her in a personal way. I thought that was pretty out there but within a couple months of my first sensing both Brigid and Michael a book called Archangels and Ascended Masters was published by Doreen Virtue in which she says the same thing. Brigid has a warrior side, even though she is a goddess of the hearth and home so I guess it’s not such a stretch to think she would be paired with a warrior archangel. It’s believed by some that Brigid and Brigantia, the great warrioress of early Britain, are the same archetype.

On this page I have provided links to lore about Brigid and Imbolc/Candlemas, modern day priestesses of Brigid, Brigid related spells and rituals, and Brigid and goddess inspired music, books and art, and the celtic/voodoo connection.

via Brigid – Celtic Goddess and Saint.


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