I am making a tribute to Saint Bridget! Happy Saint Bridget’s day.

Maher Matters

Saint Brigid, friend of Saint Patrick and founder of the convent Cill-Dara after which County Kildare was named, died in 525 A.D. Historically she has been a Christian deity to call upon at times of childbirth, for any kind of healing, for students, and for inspiration in all the arts, including poetry and metalworking. In Ireland and Scotland she is called “Mary of the Gaels.” Her feast day, Imbolc, is celebrated in her month, February (1st or 2nd), halfway between winter and spring (America’s “Ground Hog Day”). It is tradition to pick reeds with which to make a new Saint Brigid’s Cross to hang by one’s door as protection for the following year.

In her pre-Christian aspect, she was a “triple muse” archetype, a virgin/mother/crone Goddess, called Brigida/Brigid/Brigit/Bride. In Scotland, where she was also known as “Bride of the White Hills,” her symbol was a…

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