David Mack is an inspiration

If having a dream is to restore others to wholeness by giving them a passport for total freedom for creative expression and defying frustrations?


I say knowing David Mack for some time?  His power ultimately is his passion and unison with the life force.  I have never like Houdini seen this man stay caught in a jam.  His comic books tackle impossibly painful life lessons from every possible walk of life in this universe to those which some may not know exist.  Difficult issues which require as they say a lot of tissues such as bi-racial, bi-sexual, divorce, big brother and big sister politics to rape.  He is a true renaissance human being.

Daredevil v21700FC

He has worked with everyone from Xena to Dexter.  His work on the Kabuki-Alchemy series and Daredevil comics to Children’s books. His life has been lived embracing change, embracing his fans as if they were his own flesh and blood. Meeting David is like meeting a child waiting for Santa Claus? He has that trust and innocence and continual naivety which makes you want to protect him?

images-1He hails from a military family,  he became a great warrior for the arts.  I have watched him become a critical success all over the world.  Soul Brother of the Year!  My Hero.


Since he is a black belt you say what?  But He is that Santa Claus he is wating for, so he is never disapointed and somehow always bounces back. We can measure a man by how often he gets back up, not how often he falls. He makes everyone feel like they are loved and a better human being for having met him. I don’t know what his secret is?  But he sure has got it going on! So very much, that Tarintino kinda stole his story line for Kill Bill from his body of work called Kabuki in it’s early stages, but a true creator doesnt cry over spilt milk. That being said?  I do enjoy Tarintino’s work in many other cases.

He runs circles around anyone whom steals his ideas because he just creates new and new and new like a phoenix.

1169790536  God Bless having big dreams today especially on Martin Luther King day and our Presidential inauguration which makes me feel so proud!  My special gift today. I often wrote to David Mack that I felt like my life is a comic book and it could not be more true nor more wonderful.


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