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i saw them   i tell u i saw them   they move in the crowd  just like us   drive metal boxes   bath in the sea   wear uniforms & pretend to heal you   enter politics   stop & smell each other just like us   & zombiewander on the streets lost in the screens of their little mouse gadgets   eat horrid sandwiches

i tell you   humans are among us friend

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beware    here’s two getting closer   [w]off   [w]off

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ok   saturday morning & not enough coffee in my veins   if it wasn’t for my cat sniffing my mouth to wake me up i’d still be there   naked in the warm bodily wrap of the blankets   with my morning wood & rem fluidity to swim in

hear people downstairs   world on the move in icy winter lights

beam me up scottie

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damn   scottie   stop drinking scotch before operating will…

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