Nicol Vizzoli, an opening song.


In the 19th Century Arthur Russell Wallace and Charles Darwin propounded that phylogenetic branched trees derived from a single ancestor, which meant that all forms of life are tied by relationships of common descent. From a biological point of view, this is extremely “simple”; it suggests life as we know it was created with an original being. Thus with the first cry of each new birth, our collective memory resonates with that first piercing song of arrival. We are reminded our ancestral consciousness, we are reminded of our animal dimension.

Nicol Vizioli started her photographic project An opening song in April 2012. It all started with a dream, then a meeting in the crowd with the first woman bird, Helene; Nicol pursued birds of prey and found herself with Randal, Jeff and Trevor Carey of Countrywide Falconry in the hauntingly beautiful English countryside. In the presence of these wild animals that dominate the wind and the currents, the artist’s soul was stirred and awakened. The artist recognises that our souls are suppressed and inhibited to true expression if we don’t return to the breathe of life. This is something intangible, of wind and profound unity with nature, and only then, once we return, can our indomitable visceral pasts reawaken. That day, in the English countryside, Nicol heard nature’s enchanting mysterious song as it breathed life.



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