Israeli Spice Agent: Wasabi | BITCHIN’ KITCHEN COOKING SHOW – YouTube

Ok… Ok, so maybe I waited 30 years or mOre to see ET.  REbel Rebel hurts so good! I grew up in Hollywood and it’s like Yeah, so your so and so who played the so and so guy in the Fly?  NEXT!  It’s an art form ignoring overly inflated celebrities whom eat caviar in the morning.  But, I’ve grown out of my fast lane, celebrity allergy and finally got a tv for my sweety this year.  So?

OK OK…..  it’s like seeing or being ET.  Whoah and Voila! I have discovered Bitchen Kitchen and some might say?  How can you watch La Dame aux Camellia and Bitchen Kitchen in the same hour?  Easy, if you grew up like I did with Ballerinas and you did not get to eat for several years, all except for buillon cubes and cube steaks which are protein for the swan lake ballerinas.  You’d be hungry too!  If you work in New York with budget bosses?  You won’t be getting lunch ever, even if you work in a restaurant.  If you are skinny it is because you are traumatized!

But seriously…

Listen to me, because I say so!  I tell myself that is…  Listen to me!  I’m going a diet finally and this means that right now I am negotiating with myself  exactly, on what terms I shall resist beginning a diet. In the meantime, bask to Israeli Spice man.


When I lived in Israel…

ok ok Maybe it was a little bit of a time warp.  oh yes, ok ok people dress in the days of not Abraham Lincoln but Abraham and Soloman!  Whoah, ok ok it’s great.

I learnt how to cook in Jerusalem,  from chef who ran a babaganooj:  Hazilim HoOmoOs Asli DUNGEON! He was amazing. He got his props by torturing his guests.  He would make the appetizers, wait all the food was appetizers?  Tiny appetizers. sesame-tahini-organic-raw

He made the most amazing  tahini, pronounced “TREEnaH”!

What’s that?  Ok Ok … it’s tahini you babagnooj it’s the sesame seed béchamel sauce… Kidding! Its the secret ingredient in the HAziLim… Bahmet.Bahmet means “fer-sure” 

 Really. He made the best Treenah which is the Israeli way to say Open sesame. He would say, “I’m gonna give them so little and  its gonna be so great?  There gonna  want to swim across the see of Galilee, with one arm and one leg to get some more! ” Sorry it was true and so delicious it makes you feel slightly exasperated.  Sorry but I’m traumatized from deliciousness!

 When his mother and him were in the kitchen I lived in fear. She spoke 17 languages and could swear in everyone of them.  I was this shy Japanese girl and out of the blue she would hit me in the head and sayok ok Come on?  What are you anti-social?”

 No, Mrs Lonay, I am shy.  Oh… ok ok...  come on and again?  “What are you anti-social? “  No Mrs Lonay, I cant speak Hebrew.  ? Then Mrs Lonay say’s “Ok, Ok… seriously, be quiet! Sheket and stop being so anti-social.”

As they spout off in trills and drills of bumble bee spit fire rounds of intellectual jargon in Hebrew, with me and My 6 weeks of Ulpan or aka Hebrew language classes.  Like I said, I’m traumatized! ha ha.. I love Mr Spice guy and I’m so glad I got Bitchen Kitchen Sicilian cooking show.


What goes with Jerusalem artichokes?   Ballet, Basil and Cumin… and wasabi.

via Israeli Spice Agent: Wasabi | BITCHIN’ KITCHEN COOKING SHOW – YouTube.


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