Bitchin’ Kitchen Trailer – YouTube

Honestly?  When I woke up this morning after seeing this last night quite late?  I usually say my prayers.  I could not get this show out of my head. Now, it’s  12 hours later and I have sated my addiction. You gotta love Nadia, but what kinda Italian name is Nadia?  She’s just great. She is the Sicilian Punk rock Lucille Ball. Her recipes looks hardcore delish. They are in fact quite sophisticated for those whom might imagine they are bangers and mash. Although, I have never seen wasabi mayo and Belgian fries either. It’s almost her own comic book?  It’s fantastic and I love spice guy.  There is no point in trying to take the love of food away from an Italian,nor assume that because it is not your usual wholesome house frau  conventional food network star?  That she is not going to whip up something crazy amazing. I love the addition of fleur de sel on her mock-choc mousse. Great. She is funny. She is sassy and that’s classy. ?  Well?  Maybe not but we are tired of fake. I’m not sure what her accent is but she is adorable.

Going from Shelby high-brow to Nadia Low-brow?  I guess next is eye-liner.  This is all about cooking for your loved ones and this is the best religion there is* Love.

Bitchin’ Kitchen Trailer – YouTube.


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