Our hearts, our minds, our cells and the frequency of the rainbow.

fatima rose lady

Once upon a time lately and not so lately, I was sick myself.

Nothing it seemed could make me better. I had a thyroid problem and another which caused me to

bleed incessantly. Needless to say it was quite distressful. I could not get back to my old self. I don’t have the patience to go into it now, but it was sudden how my wellness came about.  I was reading the Alchemy series by David Mack I believe? Or it may have been earlier work. At that time I often contributed a lot of collage


and poetry or I simply sent my feedback and David incorporated it kindly into his brilliant work. I remember being so sick and barely able to take the subway, but I went to Saint Marks place to buy the latest comic book by him.  There was something about his work and  how it is amniotic?  Images float like children or healing organisms with serious life and soulful poetry and fearless, crux of the universe  issues all thru these amazing characters he created.

Sitting quietly on the platform  of the NYC 6 train on Spring street.  I just let the trains whizz by as I was unable to peel my eyes away from the latest story. It was then that I noticed an alchemical transformation within me. Reading and it is more like infusing musical imagery and text was able to unlock either unharnessed electric warmth of a sort of empathic explosion within my body.  At first it was a subtle soul resonance in my feelings which then seems to shake a neural forest within my cells.  I felt a surge of energy that was very salvific. It was then that the funny idea came to me that I should wear a medical bracelet like those whom suddenly fall into an unconscious state in public.  I designed first silly actual dog tags that said I need as medicine David Mack comic books for resuscitation.  Surely the Greek philosophers like Homer or Plato must have known the power of the imagination and how it uniquely reacts as counter forces to the overwhelming elements of life.

It was simply a purely personal and nonsensical epiphany soon after. I was listening to a particular piece of music and I won’t say which because it does not really matter. But, listening to her depths of emotions, her sadness and her struggles and later triumphs?  A physiological transformation began to happen within me.  I followed this lightening blast of intuition with music and at that moment I changed my life forever. I followed my heart and went to ask for my old job back.  I had gained a lot of weight and I looked terribly weak but I knew that the future had already occurred within me and people came from miles around to see how fat I had gotten!  It hurt me but really I did not care because like Michelangelo could see the angel within the rock?  I could see the bouquet within the small seed which began to to unearth from the striation of art and music.


The question is was it the vibrations of colors in tandem with powerfully emotionally resonating material?  Hasnt anyone felt very sick and received a phone call from an old friend and raised their spirits and suddenly after laughing, crying, catching up felt a surge of magical support and noticed that toothache goes into an almost remission?  It happens to me all of the time. Yet, lately I have begun to notice what I thought I had only imagined?   I have been told before that I am having just a touch and nothing much of it but the stuff a medical intuitive. I was working once with in fact an old friend of mine.  She seemed quite stressed but nothing in particular did she speak of it. I awoke and one morning I got the feeling that I had breast cancer.  I said this is strange as I have only just had a test?  It was such a fearful state I felt and many more unique yarns and knitting of energies. The next week she announced that she had been undergoing tests but thankfully her family history of cancer had not made her victim. Therefore, if nature gives me the strange medical sensations of others?  I have to believe and wonder if it is not that we can realize modalities of healing.

Our emotional state is the most defacto paradigm affecting our bodies but I know in fact very little about this all yet last week I began collecting photos of tuning forks and metronomes. I had this odd feeling that sound can dissipate  clusters of organisms.  All I personally have seen is the famous “Is it live or is it memorex”  commercial where a famous opera singer can burst a crystal glass.  I’m sure our heart speaks to us and that is good enough of a place to begin.  The color orange and the metal of gold is very prevalent in my feelings lately.   As if the sun and it’s power to be a giant heart can draw out the blues of anything and make everything emerald and verdant again.


Here is the most lovely discovery in my surfing below. A scientist whom works with frequency to kill disease.  Keeping our spirits up with healing plants like fresh oregano and other herbs high in linalool which is a magical thread in roses, jasmine, lavender too. An botanical defense against pests which is created by chemicals later passed onto it’s lucky recipient me!  My dear friend Sanwar would always tell me that “Stress is good! Makes more flavor”  If I could approach life the way that beautiful plants do?  I could create antioxidants and polyphenols.  The best of which is theobromine! what?  It’s the hormones  of a special plant Chocolate!

Some other plants have natural chemicals or terpines which develop in defense against insects in order to ward off bacterial no-good-niks!  RobertFortune1Camelia-reticulata-Robert-Fortune4The chocolate plant is the most insect infested plant and what does it do? It creates that magical substance theobromine which to many equals love.  I am going to be experimenting with a high mountain silver bud tea from the highest elevation of the Himalayas. Only these tea plants originally from China brought to India by Robert Fortune are able to produce naturally the love molecule. Theobromine!

yellowibis-com-chemical-structures-women-s-heather-jersey-t-theobromine-heart-pink-melange_designLust for dizzying sweets

In the mean time?  Here I am fascinated with the anti-carcinogenic works I have just only today heard of called “The Royal Raymond Rife”  or Doctor Raymond Royal Rife.  Birds do it, bee’s do it? What’s the buzz?  Here below:

Rife machines work because of a principle in physics called sympathetic resonance.  It states that if there are two similar objects, and one of them is vibrating, the other will begin to vibrate as well, even if they are not touching.  Take two identical tuning forks as an example.  If you tap one of these forks, the vibrations of that fork will pass through the air and cause the other tuning fork to vibrate. The energy from the first tuning fork has been transferred to the second tuning fork.

Dr. Rife used this principle to destroy disease producing organisms.  He thought of every little micro-organism as a tiny little tuning fork.  He then built his Rife Machine to send out the signal that would cause the viruses and bacteria to vibrate.  By making the vibrations that came out of his Rife Machine stronger and stronger, he was able to shatter the micro-organisms at a distance.  Rife spent years of his life looking under his microscope, learning which frequencies would destroy which micro-organisms.

Dr. Rife’s machine proved to be very successful in treating a wide range of diseases, especially cancer.  Unfortunately, within a few short years following his successful case studies, the Rife Machine research was destroyed by those who opposed his work.  But Dr. Rife’s legacy lived on and his followers continued to compile a list of conditions that can be treated with Rife Machines.




5 thoughts on “Our hearts, our minds, our cells and the frequency of the rainbow.

  1. sugari says:

    What an amazing journey you described! One can feel the resonance of the healing frequencies that you were picking up, and the transformation that was occuring! We are bodies made of frequencies, and we have so much to discover about this, that goes beyond books, experiments and technology! Especially when we see images, thoughts and encounters can hold “magical” frequencies that resonate with us and push us gently, sometimes quite drastically, into healing! amazing!!!! I love this blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences!


  2. sugari says:

    reblogging this!

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