The crimes of an Etruscan demon who makes those lentils taste so good!

The novel, published by Editions Albatros is a charming evocation of the ancient and mysterious Etruscan people. Premiere in Viterbo will be brought on tour in other cities of

The plot

Professor Winkler, an American archaeologist, goes on the trail of the legendary Fanum Voltumnae place every spring they gathered twelve Lucumonis Etruscans, who were at the head of the twelve cities belonging to the Etruscan League and where you took important decisions of a political nature and government as well as elect the supreme leader of the Etruscan federation. Research Winkler calling in Tarquinia, the oldest and most important city of the Etruscan federation, where they begin to repeat some mysterious murders carried evoking mysterious and macabre rituals Etruscans. The city is also the subject of study by a professor of genetics and an Etruscan expert, committed to compare the DNA of some citizen volunteers with the one found from the bones returned from the ancient Etruscan necropolis. The police will set the search for truth.But everything seems to lead to a single suspect. “The evil came down to earth with human feet” and the Etruscans are still alive …


The author

Riccardo Cecchelin professional journalist, is currently responsible for the Corriere di Viterbo. Already sent and then Head of the facts of life, Courier Umbria. Author of a novel with Edizioni Mediterranee, Homer, my life with the Etruscans, three historical thrillers for Garden Editorial and other publications including the book The War of the smoke, which is dedicated to the curiosities collected, as head of the news of the day in Milan During los ciopero of State Monopolies, with the presentation of Paul Liguori. He has directed a private TV station, and has made numerous radio programs for Rai 3 of Sardinia. As a consultant, journalist has also collaborated on Sunday in with Raffaella Carrà (national news) and the chronicle of Milan Day, chief editor of the Nation and the Corriere Terni in Umbria.

“The crimes of the Etruscan demon” 
Editions Albatros 
Pages 342 
Price: 16 €

On the cover: Achilles killing a Trojan prisoner in the presence of Charun , the Etruscan equivalent of the greek, Charon. From an Etruscan red-figure crater at the end of the fourth century BC.


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