gorgeous artichoke photos!


The three years we were living in Charleston I dreamt of the artichokes in Rome, not only their freshness and perfection, but also of the cost. Artichokes are simply expensive in the States, or at least in the States that I lived in, maybe you can buy a bushel for $3 in California, but not in Charleston, Atlanta or New York. I think I have mentioned that artichokes were special occasion food for my growing up, at $2 an artichoke they had to be.

I was at the market the other day and they were selling 20 artichokes for €2 or €3. Not thinking about how hard it would be to eat all of those artichokes between the three of us and what I would do with them all, I went ahead and bought them. I eyed the expressions on the faces of the stout signore buying artichokes from various…

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