a year of prayer: 365 Rosaries: August 22: The Queenship of Mary

“Mary has the authority over the angels and the blessed in heaven. As a reward for her great humility, God gave her the power and mission of assigning to saints the thrones made vacant by the apostate angels who fell away through pride. Such is the will of the almighty God who exalts the humble, that the powers of heaven, earth and hell, willingly or unwillingly, must obey the commands of the humble Virgin Mary. For God has made her queen of heaven and earth, leader of his armies, keeper of his treasure, dispenser of his graces, mediatrix on behalf of men, destroyer of his enemies, and faithful associate in his great works and triumphs.” Saint Louis Marie de Montfort

via a year of prayer: 365 Rosaries: August 22: The Queenship of Mary.

Thanking this blog above for my reposting. I have been having spiritual laziness to do my rosary. Today, i had a beautiful Divine Mercy prayer. It is a rosary but not the called for rosary.  I thought of Mother Mary and feel she is the tabernacle. She is the divine flesh of all matter, be it fish, zebras, foxes, zebras birds…  The music that rises from the earth calls to heaven and flowers and creatures are born. I used to see Jorgio inside of Jesus Christ as I would pray for him. I don’t know where my prayers went?  I hope my prayers somewhere are glistening upon wings of good intentions. He had a holy calling. I hope that the divine nature of God has him now. All beautiful.


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