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Orange Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry . Kitchen Explorers . PBS Parents | PBS

During my very intense prayer session however brief, a distinct feeling that pure orange everything is good for healing?  Orange neroli is what I have in mind, of the utmost heady intoxicating sensory happiness.  A vision of orange satsuma oranges to blood oranges and even the Buddha sculpture oddity of a grapefruit nature did  not come to me as a cure fer what ails ya!  I know that this makes no sense. I have this strange feeling orange attars to orange music has someones name on it!  I also had a flood of lavender magical haunting soulfulness scent the mind like two streams of light.  I don’t know if it means anything.  But!  I just think this simple recipe sounds good!  Orange Chicken stir-fry.  Broccoli already is immensely healing so I cook it constantly. Pretty soon I am going to have a green cruciferous afro with garlic earrings! I am back to health after being seduced by sexy music all day.  Seems like it’s so trivial but who cares.  Music is one of the greatest pleasures.

Orange Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry . Kitchen Explorers . PBS Parents | PBS.


Maila Nurmi aka amazing! She actually came over to our house above he Vista theatre back in the day. He used to talk about reindeers in the snow. She was this truly mesmerizing mystical woman. When I was a little girl, my Mother used to remind me of her and how she terrified everyone sometimes with her antique bathing suits and ancient cadillac’s and antique sportscars. Now I see how lucky I was to have a Japanese Morticia for your Mother!

The Eye of Faith Vintage 11.11.11.

“Vampira is a kind of entity (and you can call her a woman though she is androgynous)  that survives in this world. I, Maila Nurmi, am not.”

-Maila Nurmi

This one is sure to petrify! If there is one woman who recognized the importance of standing out from the crowd, it’s Maila Nurmi [December 11, 1922 – January 10, 2008], or as most people would recognize her, the legendary Vampira.

Leaving Finland at the age of two, Maila would move with her family to the United States of America. After high school, she quickly gathered up her possessions and moved to Los Angeles in pursuit of the dream!

The blonde knock-out with razor-sharp cheek bones would soon be working with the likes of art legends Man Ray, Alberto Vargas, and Bernard of Hollywood. Then in 1951  upon attending the Bal Caribe Masquerade as Charles Addams’ cartoon…

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Echoes of innocence




There’s nothing like a flowery fragrance review to make you vow never to touch the stuff for the rest of your life, so I’ll spare you, but it is a sacrifice. There are lots of words I’ve read in books that I can’t use in everyday speech, largely because I’m not sure how to pronounce them, and I am kind of dying to tell you about a dark, mysterious woman supine upon a portmanteau, crenellated athenaeum in the distance, odiferous censer betwixt . . .sorry.

I wear several fragrances regularly, but my pet is Serge Lutens Louve. I love Une rose chyprée just as much, and it’s completely different from almondy Louve. Rose, incense (but more like unlit incense), and a vintage, Guerlain-ish quality.

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