I HAVE BEEN THRILLED!   I am so happy to report that whilst trying to call my dear friend Sanwar?  I  bought all the  ingredients to make Gulabi-Chai.  I followed mostly the recipe below with the double boil technique and reduction of tea liquore.   The difference is that I added naturally a wonderful green tea from Yunnan province which has aged for 7 years of a sheng puerh.  Alot of people would say what I did was sacrilegious.  I reckon that if Mongolia and China were trading on the tea horse road and silk road?  Most likely this could be the tea originally used.  I cheated also on the spices.  I have a blend of a thousand herbs and flowers and spices from Lebanon.  My theme here is Did Jesus possibly cross paths with the Buddhist philosophy?  Frankly I would bank on it most certainly.  Whether the anointed one Christ went to India is for me hard to fathom entirely, but Kashmir is really not terribly far away and surely his teachings went to Kashmir. I don’t know why if Jesus endured such terror and ressurected why he would go back up to heaven and not travel and spread the world but he had a better way and that was like yoga.  Become one in body, mind and spirit with ones heart.  Tea is very much for me like the consecration of the host in terms of Gong-fu-cha or Chinese tea ceremony but Teaists worship nature itself in the spirit of the tea.  These are esoteric sacred matters, so back to my Did Jesus ever drink a cup of Kashmiri Gulabi cha?   Hmmmm?    Tea is 5,000 years old and I have not brushed up on the history of the Moka bean!  Never the less, I love the idea of history and all the magic of 2,5oo years.  By the way, my tea if I do say came out like  a creamy song.  Love at first sip!


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