Thank you Abreen! This is a beautiful and complex reci-pink-tea!

Ambreen Ali

On special occasions, my mom would switch up her routine and make a vibrant pink tea for us instead of the typical masala (spiced) chai. I had no idea as a child what went into this tea, but her groaning about how long it would take to prepare made it clear in my mind that it was a complicated process.

Well, “Ammi” as we call her just returned from Pakistan, and she met me at JFK airport with a bag full of green tea leaves. Yes, this gulabi (pink) concoction begins with green tea. I couldn’t find much information about it online, but this bit from Ellen’s Kitchen seems to apply:

The third type of tea is called shi:r’ cha:y or shirchai. This type is not made with bambay cha:y green tea, but with a slightly fermented tea such as an oolong. It is brewed with bicarbonate of soda, salt…

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