Ein Kerem, home of Saint John the Baptist

i cannot believe i lived in Ein Kerem I cannot believe that I lived in Ein Kerem for 6 months.  Did I  do it because I wanted to be Holy?  No! At the time?  I was impressed that my job was within a French monastery as a volunteer with the children and the possibility of French Food! I had some deep soul searching eventually but it was not my intentions.   To imagine that John the Baptist and the original mystery of Mother Mary and Elizabeth.  It’s all very unreal.   During the entire time I lived in Israel, which was roughly one year and half  I never was invited into a temple. I was invited to eat borekas, to see poets and Jewish intellectuals but never to a proper temple.  The rich interior spiritual life of the Jewish people remained an enigma until my beloved recently was doing his post surgery-physical therapy in a small enclave of Brooklyn.  Here are some of the most orthodox and Hassidic Jews whom originated in Hungary, called the Satmar sect.  I felt as if I were in a Jewish Disneyland. It was an idyllic Hassidic paradise. I wept and I wept often.  I felt very comfortable there for many months visiting 8 to 12 hours a day.  Once I lost a Christian book about Saint Vianney inside of a cell phone shoppe, run also by religious.  What?  Telepathy will not always tell you when the challah is being baked or the little cookies freshly made in Hungarian and old Ashkenaz recipes.  I would buy kosher food everyday and upon recieving my change?  The cashier was not allowed to put money in my hand and I learnt this very quickly.  Yet, he would tell me a magical meaning in their Hassidic belief to the numbers involved in my purchases!  So, no telepathy is not always enough for religious folks whom appear dressed from an era where cell phones would never appear?  These men, when I was ordering  food next door to the cell phone store would say?  Did’nt you loes a book a week ago?  Speak to Moishe and then to Simon and he will give you back your book.  I did not even realize I lost it!  There was a hundred dollar bill in the book and Simon said, you will see that all your money is still in your book.  They smiled, dressed in white stockings and antique vests and furry hats. It was a small miracle. I had a wonderful time there and it filled in the time I spent in Israel having never known very much about the religious life of the Jews.  The hospital there had a rich religious life for it’s patients.  It was always a holiday and there was constant prayer.  Shofars blowing on Yom Kippur to loud speaker warnings that sundown was arrving and to hurry in the streets to shul.  I really don’t think it was very different than in ancient times.   I had so many amazing experiences during these months.

Zen in Ein Kerem

Zen in Ein Kerem (Photo credit: Flavio~)


One thought on “Ein Kerem, home of Saint John the Baptist

  1. lmcdaniel says:

    If I were in Isreal I would have invited you…:)

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