Hildegard Of Bingens Spiritual Remedies 978-0-89281-985-0 | Creation Spirituality | Inner Traditions

Table of ContentsHildegard of Bingens Spiritual RemediesPrologue: THE POWER OF SPIRITUAL FITNESS Virtues and Vices Turning the Evil into the Virtuous The Healing Power of Precious Stones and CrystalsForeword: A SPIRITUAL GUIDE THROUGH THE THIRD MILLENNIUM WITH HILDEGARD OF BINGEN Do We Need a New Medicine? Chapter 1: PRINCIPLES OF HILDEGARDS PSYCHOTHERAPY The Cosmic and Divine Forces of the Human Soul 1. Vision: The Cosmic Dimension of Humanity 2. Vision: Humanity in the Rhythm of the Four Elements 3. Vision: Relationship between Body and Soul 4. Vision: The Trinity in the Unity Chapter 2: SPIRITUALITY AND HEALING Is There a World Ethos? Discovery of Cosmic Psychosomatic Values Liber Vitae Meritorum The Book of Virtues and Vices Practical Application of Hildegards Psychotherapy Our Social Relationship Self-analysis Rediscovery of Hildegards Psychotherapy Healing Is a Multidimensional Process Friendship with the Angels The Cosmic Christ and the Power of Love Anatomy of the Human Body and Soul The Language of the Soul The Autonomic Nervous System: Bridge between Body and Soul Ordo virtutum: The Dance of Life with Virtues and Vices Chapter 3: THE EASTMAN The First Seven Powers and the Seven Senses 1. Material Love and Heavenly Love Crystal TherapyThe Eyes Are the Windows of the Soul Seeing with the Inner Eyes, Hearing with the Inner Ears Harmful Words of Material Love Healing Words of Heavenly Love Organ Relationship Meditation on Heavenly LoveSpiritual Healing 2. Petulance and Discipline Crystal TherapyThe Ear: Health Center of the Body Harmful Words of Petulance Healing Words of Discipline Organ Relationship Meditation on Music Spiritual Healing 3. Love of Entertainment and Love of Simplicity Crystal TherapyThe Power of Smell Harmful Words of Love of Entertainment Healing Words of Love of Simplicity Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing 4. Hard-heartedness and Compassion Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Hard-heartedness Healing Words of Compassion Lex Divina: The Law of Divine Compassion The Seven Deeds of Compassion Organ Relationship Meditation on Compassion Spiritual Healing 5. Cowardice and Gods Victory Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Cowardice Healing Words of Gods Victory Organ Relationship Meditation on Cowardice and Gods Victory Spiritual Healing 6. Anger and Tranquillity Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Anger Healing Words of Tranquillity The Lessons of Tranquillity Leaky-gut Syndrome Practical Approaches to Cure AutoaggressionOrgan Relationship Spiritual Healing 7. Inappropriate Mirth and Yearning for God Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Inappropriate Mirth Healing Words of Yearning for God Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing Chapter 4: THE WESTMAN 8. Gluttony and Abstinence Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Gluttony Healing Words of Abstinence Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing 9. Bitterness of Heart and Generosity Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Bitterness of Heart Healing Words of Generosity The Chemistry of Bitterness Organ Relationship Meditation on Generosity Spiritual Healing 10. Wickedness and Devotion Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Wickedness Healing Words of Devotion Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing 11. Lying and Truth Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Lying Healing Words of Truth Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing 12. Contention and Peace Crystal TherapyHarmful Words of Contention Healing Words of Peace Organ Relationship Spiritual Healing

via Hildegard Of Bingens Spiritual Remedies 978-0-89281-985-0 | Creation Spirituality | Inner Traditions.


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