Jaco Pastorius

Heavy Weather report “BASS” maverick Jaco Pastorius is a legend.

It’s moments like these that I feel my face squenching up with unspeakable emotion, as if someone put lemons in the whip cream? My soul ringing itself out like lace mad of a lemon, orange and lime to make my favorite pie with meringue. In other words…  Just as wasabi  so green makes  ones heart  race and my mind sneeze?  I  breathe heavy butterflies with invisible emotion.   All these sensations mean I feel to cry.  I know my heart and it feels so beautifully crimson and deeply* this music post modern Jazz, of Jaco Pastorius’ and his band “Weather Report”

Here he is doing a solo with all of the avant garde and classical legacy in a league of his own.  I am so glad I grew up with such lush music.  Jazz, is such a poetic plume. Miles Davis said ” no i don’t really play the trumpet… My trumpet is a feathered plume or a fountain pen, I tell stories”  Great Jazz aficionados all say the same about Jaco “Man…. Jaco, he became the fountain pen”  I love the way Jazz cats speak. I grew up with it and perhaps that is why I am such an odd bird, but I hope one day to grow feathers that become fountain pens!


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